Team WILD: Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes

Hi Women with Diabetes who are active or who want to be active!
I wanted you to know about Team WILD. After starting the Red Rider Recognition Program for the American Diabetes Association, I was looking for my next volunteer project, so I started Team WILD with some amazing women who live with diabetes.

Here is the video of our first entry into the world of half Ironman. I’m excited to share it with all of you. In it you’ll see the opportunities we have for others to join us!

Username: teamwild
Password: 1028TW

You can learn more about Team WILD here:

Please let us or me know if you have any questions!

Mari Ruddy
Type 1 for 28.5 years
Founder of The Red Rider Program & Team WILD

Thats awesome Mari…I just got into tri’s this year (been running for years) and love them. Doing my 1st 1/2 in Syracuse this summer. It’s a great sport and a great way to cross train…I just started a small tri club at our local Y. Glad to see your out there spreading the word. Especially among diabetics…so critical to stay in shape and exercise.

Team WILD is very inspiring. I have always done every kind of sport there was. I got sidetracked having bilateral knee replacements three years ago but up and going now. I would love to participate at my level. I may be 56 but my heart says 28! J

Hi Judith! We would love to add you to our email list and send you more info about WILD! Can you email me at with your email address??? We’ll hook you up right away. We have another gal on the team who is 56, so you’ll be in great company!!! So glad you wrote.
Talk to you soon!

Do they have tshirts we can buy to support the group? J

I just went to your site. You have training in Boulder? That was my home for 28 yrs. I was born and raised in Salida. I moved to Tex. to take care of terminally ill parents. J

Hi Judith!
We don’t yet have t-shirts to support the group. We are still pretty new. We will eventually! And we do have training members in Boulder. We don’t technically train together, as we’re a national and virtual group. We meet at races. We allow a few people to join us who don’t have diabetes: they are Type 3 supporters who train with a woman who has diabetes. We want people to have someone to train with, thus we allow a percentage of friends who don’t have diabetes to join too.

Check out the new link to the WILD video on YouTube:

If you email me at I’ll make sure you get on our newsletter list.


A new and better link to the video is this:

ENJOY!! and women, feel free to join!!!


Thanks, Mari.

I love what you are doing for athletic diabetic females! i just wish there was something in california. I live in san diego and have yet to run into another young athletic female with diabetes. I even did the TOUR de CURE century and did not see another “red rider” young female. I’m 29 y/o and just started getting into triathlons, cycling, and plan to do my first 1/2 marathon this spring. I’m glad i came across this site so i at least have resources for my questions. Thanks again for your work and supporting this kind of a group!

Hello! I’m glad you found WILD. We are actually a national organization, so you can live anywhere and be on a WILD team. In 2011 we plan to have an Ironman team, a 70.3 Triathlon team, a Multisport Team, a Cycling Team, a Running Team and WILD 101: Fitness & Weight Loss Team, Plus Camp WILD, a 4 day camp in Boulder, Colorado. So, something for just about everyone!!! We have gals from age 22 to 59 that are active in WILD at the moment.

Are you on Facebook??? I know of a very active gal in her 20’s who lives in San Diego that I can connect you with… My facebook name is Mari Michelle Ruddy. Find me there and I’ll connect you with Jenny. I’m sorry you didn’t find any other Red Riders closer in age to you. They are out there, I know!!!

I really appreciate your help in setting me up with another active diabetic. I am really interested in knowing more about your team WILD and how to join. This fall i am doing my first 1/2 marathon and first Olympic distance triathlon. If they both go well i am planning to train for a 70.3 ironman in 2011. It would be a great experience to be able to do that with other diabetics.
Thanks Mari
Amanda Hill

Hi Mari, I’m new to TuDiabetes and feel like the heavens have opened up! I am so excited to read about Team WILD!! I’m 46, type 1 for 33 years, and really need the commraderie and support this forum offers. I have never been sports minded at all, until 3 years ago when I ran my first road race, a half marathon! I have run one full marathon and 4 more halves since. I just completed the Tour de Cure 100 miler and love riding. I have always wanted to try a tri, but have been too frightened to, because of diabetes AND because I am so S L O W!! (fear of being the LAST one, haha). I have so many questions and so many things I want to talk about re:being a diabetic and a physical fitness enthusiast. Such a balancing act! (Ironically, no small task for me since diabetes has diminished markedly my sense of physical balance). I went to the site, but wanted to get a bit more info first. I so wish I had found this earlier to be bale to go to Camp Wild. This is a dream come true if I can get there next year. Can’t wait to dive in and meet everyone! Hello Everyone!!!

Hi Gals! I highly suggest you go to the Team WILD website!!!
You can email me directly with questions… I’m at

We will have new teams for 2011!! Would love to learn more about all of you gals!

I have the same issues. I also felt the same excitement when I read about Team WILD. My goal has been to be in a Tri . I was in the tour de cure as a Red Rider in 2009, did the 35 mile part, did two more 35 mile bike runs in the summer, had my hip replaced last November, and getting back to almost full swing now. Swim , if you could call it that 2 days a week, work out the other three, but have been searching and searching for coaching for my factors which are that I am 55, have T1 for 50 years, feel uncoordinated and have bad balance, and my vision is not up to par and I am stiff if I don’t constantly work out.So I want to join Team Wild because it sounds tailor made for me. I am also so SLOW. Like you wouldn’t believe. The best part of running is that I love how it feels.

Would love to join . Read the website and couldn’t believe what I found. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Would love to join a team for 2011. Left my email address on the cite but let me know anything else I need to do. Would love to go to the next camp in June. Cannot tell you how long I have been searching , since I always have so many questions about insulin , activity, and food as I swim, run , bike.

Go Team WILD! Here’s a Red Rider vote of support from the other gender! Knock 'em out!