Looking for Women Triathletes with The D

Hello! there are a group of us who are starting a national team for women with diabetes (we are open to Type 1 and 2 being on the team) who want to train together (virtually with a few gathering if we can figure it out) to participate together in a Half Ironman in September 2009. If you are new to triathlon, a Half Ironman, also known as a 70.3 Ironman, is a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike followed by a 13.1 mile run. (70.3 is the total mileage completed)

We have two amazing coaches lined up to work with us, one a former pro and Olympic cyclist and the other a certified USAT coach. Both of the coaches are on staff at Diabetes Training Camp (www.diabetestrainingcamp.com) and thus though not living with diabetes themselves, they have coached many of us who do.

AND WE NEED MORE WOMEN!!! If you exercise regularly and have at least a fair level of competence in at least one of the sports and you are willing to work hard on this over the next year and a half then we WANT YOU!!! We will be having an informational phone call on May 18 at 5 PM Mountain Standard Time. If you would like to be a part of this call, please email me, Mari at mari@tourdecurecolorado.com and I’ll give you the call in information and answer any questions you have.

So you know, we don’t have everything figured out yet, but we decided to get things started anyway. We hope for at least 15 women to do this together. We’ll be a club. We’ll figure out our name together. We have coaches and we want to be an inspiration for women who live with diabetes… showing that doing endurance athletics isn’t just for the boys!!!

I hope you consider joining us!

I am very interested in this. I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life and have been T1 since 7th grade. I’ve lived with D for the past 14 years and am currently writing a book about my experiences growing up with type 1 diabetes. Perhaps training and competing in a triathalon could be a new chapter? I’m riding in the ADA Tour De Cure in a few weeks and also training for a half marathon. I would LOVE to be involved in virtual training and have an interest in really understanding the effects of exercise on diabetes. Please count me in on the informational phone call and I can’t wait to hear more about it. Check out my blog - www.thirstylikethetree.blogspot.com for more info on me and my adventures.
Kate Makinson

Katie!!! YES YES YES!!! We want you!!! Awesome. Which Tour de Cure are you doing? there are about 80 of them every year. I help organize the one here in Colorado, where I live. ANyway, I think you wrote to me and I’ll send you the info on the call. It’s going to be an AMAZING year!!! I’ll check out your blog too.
So excited to get to know you!
I’ve had Type 1 for 27 years… I’m 43 now.