Tegaderm - the foundation of a sensor

Yes, we begin with a full tegaderm HP as the bottom layer, then fix as we go with the scissors below. We usually keep the sensor on for 2 weeks. It could go further in another location and if our activities were more pedestrian but they aren't

Hmm, it seems to me that the reason is sweat.

Definitely, but sweating every day definitely helps control!

When my sensor loses it stickiness after a week this is what works for me: white glue. Specifically, eyelash glue, which looks and smells just like Elmer's white glue. The fact that eyelash glue is designed to be applied to the skin around your eyes means it is very safe your skin. I just apply it to the underside of the adhesive that is coming off and press it back to my skin, gluing it back on. It's cheap and it washes off easily when I take the sensor off. Anybody else try this solution?

Good idea! It's worth a try. If this is sticking great, it would obviate the need for any over-taping.

Andrew, which brand do you recommend?

Great idea! I have no problems with my Dexcom staying on using the Tegaderm, but every now and then I have a problem with my OmniPod! I'm going to buy some of this to keep it around. Thank you!

Doesn't work for me. :( After taking a shower it sloughs. The glue
seems to not be really water resistent.

I've never done this but I do use tegaderm. I put a big (4"x4" I think) tegaderm patch OVER the entire transmitter. It keeps the transmitter from pealing up and just stays put and clean longer. Tegaderm is great stuff: super stretchy, waterproof but still breathable, doesn't irritate my skin at all.

I always used one of the larger sheets of Tegaderm to go over the entire transmitter too and never had a problem. As a matter of fact, it solved the problem of the ??? for me. That said, following the advice of a poster on this site, I forget who now (sorry) they suggested placing the Tegaderm on the skin first, then apply the Dexcom on top of it, with the G4 side up. Well, expect for getting my directions wrong, and my G4 side is down, I have had accurate results for the past 35 days, the longest I have ever gone. And, I must say, the Tegaderm looks like I just put it on today; amazing stuff. I am changing it today, only because we are going to be away next weekend and I'd rather not have to worry about when it might begin to fail, especially since I'm being told that pizza is on the menu, LOL. Oh, and I had zero (0) ???, so this process/procedure worked!

I did have a problem with rounding a corner too tightly and tore up the tape on a fresh OmniPod, so my husband put a piece of Tegaderm over the entire pod and it worked like a charm, stayed on for the entire three days!