Skin tac wipes

My cgm is falling off these days in like two days and the hyperflex looks so ugly after a day so Dexcom told me about skin tac, I ordered some from diabetes express what do you think of the product and how do you actually use it. Lol

I put a piece of tegaderm down first and then insert through the tegaderm. I have no issues with the tegaderm peeling and the dex sticks to it much better than it does to me.
I usually run my sensors for 2-3 weeks or more if its still calibrating accuratly.

What do you mean before? I thought it was like my flex, cut a hole and out it on holding it down that way. Mine lasts for 3 weeks when it stays put.

I do the Tegaderm thing too. Place a square of it that is at least as large as the area the CGM will cover, if not larger. Then put the sensor on top of the tegaderm patch and go about the normal insert. Tegaderm is so thin it goes right through with no problems. I sometimes put a little tegaderm on top of the sides of the sensor patch, to get more hold.

I thought te graders was like what I use where you cut a hole big enough put sensor on and then the patch over the patchi of the sensor and bigger to lay on skin

Works great, I hope you order the bottle instead of the individual wipes. The bottle of Skin-Tac will last a looooong time. I may suggest some Tac away wipes as well, they will remove the sticky residue from your skin and other surfaces. The only thing I was told by Dexcom is that the Skin-Tac may interfere with the sensor wire if it gets on the wire. I had one failed sensor and the Tech thought it might be that I inserted the sensor through the area smeared with the solution.
What I do now is decide where I am going to place the sensor cut the hypafix mark an area for the sensor wire, paint the Skin Tac around the area place the tape then cover the whole sensor and transmitter with more Hypafix. I do make sure to put a little of the green printed hypafix over the sensor so I do not have to peel the adhesive from the transmitter itself when I change sensors.
You may also reapply the Skin-Tac over the Hypafix during the sensor session at any time to touch it up if it is loosening.
I live in Central Florida and ride 30-40 miles a day in the 95% humidity, the skin-Tac AND the Hypafix works well to keep it on for 10-14 days.

I use the wipes before I insert and they work pretty good. I also have the liquid that I use after the chm has been inserted and starts to peel. I dab it on with a q-tip and let dry. I never use the applicator that comes with otherwise it is dripping all over and takes forever to dry.

all those things below work.. but in order for glue to stick the best, you need to clean the oil from your skin.. most people purchase the 70% alcohol from CVS, but right next to these $2 bottles is the 90% bottle, also $2.. with this you have better chance of really getting the oil from the skin, and since I have been doing this, my sensors have always lasted 2 weeks minimum, and I am active triathlete.. my 2 cents

I am feeling like an idiot as I am not understanding and yet English is my only language lol I use hypafix I cut a hole as I am told not to cover transmitter. I stick sensor and transmitter on then take hypafix and put hypafix over top of white adhesive holding down transmiter and sensor

I have both opsite flexfix as well as tegaderm. The tegaderm is a bit thinner. I use a piece on skin where I'm going to insert the dex sensor. Then stick the dex on top of it and do the insertion. When I do that I have not needed to add an extra layer of opsite over the dex adhesive patch.

Have tried the skin tac before I tried just opsite over the dex adhesive patch, but had issues with skin irritation. Since I've started using the tegaderm under the dex have had little skin irritation and have not needed any extra products to help keep it on.

Disher is asking if you insert the Dexcom into the tagaderm without cutting a hole. Doesn’t it push some tagaderm in with the sensor?

Tegaderm is so thin that the insertion needle just goes right through it. Think of pin through a balloon, does not effect or coat the sensor.

I am wondering why? I put my hypha flex on after as it is the patch attached to the cgm that looses it’s glue so after a week I apply a hypha flex that I cut as nothing is supposed to cover the transmitter. So I cut a hole and then apply it over the white patch and the skin around it to hold it down for another two weeks. By this time it looks ugly and edges peel ect… Lately the adhesive on the cgm is loosing all it’s adhesive within a few days. I put one on Friday fell off Sunday. When I called Dexcom they told me to try skin tac. Which led me to the best place on earth to find out how it works as most of this stuff does not come with more instructions then to apply. Lol. I also am having issues with water getting in while showering but that is another on going issue for another time lol. Thanks guys.

You CAN cover the transmitter, it makes no difference. The benefit of covering the whole transmitter is better adhesion AND your clothes will slide over the transmitter easier and not catch on the edges.
The cover also puts a barrier between spandex and the transmitter, which seems to help the transmitter stay accurate when exercising.

How do you have your sensor oriented? If you have the fat end up will tend to get more water in it then if you have the thin end up. If your doing horizontal then try vertical. One other option is to use a hairdryer to "blow" it dry. Dont need a lot of heat - just the force of the air can be a help. Also are you sure it is clipped in securly on both sides? if its a bit loose it can allow water to get in and also cause eratic numbers and ???s

I have it on my lower back horizontal, fat end facing away from my spine. clipped securly. blow dryer that might work. Good idea. I do try not to let soap or shampoo get in. sometimes hard to do when on my back. so as far as my showers go I have tried to tape dixi cups to skin, shower caps over it, press and seal. suran wrap, etc… nothing works there, but my main concern right now is that it does not fall off in or out of shower.

huh, I was told that you could not cover the tranmitter but does make sense as our clothes cover it. geesh, bows head.

what size of tegaderm do you use?

Thanks all for all the wonderful ideas.

I had ordered 2 3/4 by 2 3/8 from Amazon but was sent 4x6 ish ones instead- packing error I assume. I just cut them in half and get two uses from each one.
I would try a vertical placement on your next insertion with the small end up. May have better luck with less water retention after showers. I used to have problems with drop out post shower when I went horizontal but have few if any now that I'm vertical.