Tegaderm - the foundation of a sensor

Has anyone tried to put Tegaderm under the sensors adhesive bandage?
Can i prick the sensor directly through the Tegaderm tape or do i have
to cut a small hole for the needle? Do you round off the edges of the Tegaderm tape, too?
Please share your experience here, cause i think it will stick much longer on Tegaderm than directly on the skin.

I do this all the time. Tegaderm sticks to me better with out a rash. Dex adhesive sticks better to the tegaderm than to me. Since the tegaderm is thin enough I go right through it without issue. Have never cut out a hole.

I use another brand of skin barrier, there is no need to cut a hole or round the edges, the sensor inserter will go right thru the barrier and it will stick to the barrier patch far better than the sensor directly on the skin.

Same here. Now our standard method since skintack caused rashes.

Hmm ... my thought is, when you prick directly through the tape, the needle is transporting a little piece of Tegaderm under your skin, because the needle is hollow. This little piece will stay there after you remove the sensor.

Well, in that case, you can always pre-cut a small hole in the tegaderm. You need good lighting to aim properly though.

Yep :)

I would NOT inject directly through this layer. You do not want any foreign bodies embedded under your skin. This can cause serious infections. Cut a small opening so that you do not push any material into your skin.


The needle of an Omnipod insulin infusion set would be hollow for the infusion of the insulin, but I am not aware that a CGM sensor is hollow.

I use Bard® Protective Barrier Film (it comes in a wipe like the alcohol wipes) first, then apply the sensor, then I put Tegaderm® over the entire piece. I know, it isn't recommended, and neither is wearing it for greater than seven days, but by doing this I don't get the ??? after a shower or swim and it stays on and is accurate for 21+ days.

Yes, i will do it that way.

I use Tough pads by Johnson&Johnson. These come in boxes of 4, cost about 5$. It helps to keep the sensor on for 2-3 weeks. And YES, there is NO problem with going through with the needle. I used to cut the hole for the sensor, but once I completely forgot and noted no problem at all. I have been using it without making a hole for over 6 months, no problem at all.

It was suggested by Dex rep to pierce right thru the tape, in my case.

Do you get any of the ??? after a shower or swim? I'll be changing my Dex out soon, maybe tomorrow, and thought I might try to put it under, rather than over, just for the sake of trying it out.

The needle is hollow after the sensor is removed, but when the sensor is placed it is inside of the needle and blocks the hole. So nothing can get inside.

No tegaderm is injected under skin along with the sensor.

I only got the ??? after water activities when I placed it horizontally. When I go vertically with small end up I get very few if any. You can also use a blow dryer with out heat to help blow water out if you need to.

Well then? :( After one week ...

Personally, I think you cut it too close.

I tried this technique too, rather than putting the Tegaderm over my sensor, I put the full piece on my skin first, without cutting a hole in the middle, and then applied the sensor. It's been on like this for six days and there are no signs of it coming up anytime soon. Wearing the Tegaderm "over everything" I was able to get over 28 days without any problems either.

I'd give it a try it again, but don't cut the Tegaderm and place the sensor directly in the middle.

We use this to remove the edges that start going away and eventually cover the dexcom adhesive with a tegaderm on top (with a hole for the transmitter or not, never made a difference)