Test a Friend: As Ranks of Undiagnosed Diabetics Soars, Group Urges Action

As many as one out of every four diabetics does not know they have the disease. With approximately 28 million diabetics and 57 million pre-diabetics in the U.S. alone, the number of people left untreated is staggering.

With that in mind, The Global Diabetic Awareness Community is launching the “Non-Diabetic New Year Test’olution 2010,” which aims to enlist people with diabetes to help check the blood sugar levels of their non-diabetic loved ones. Essentially, the campaign asks people with diabetes to spare a few test strips if they can to test the blood sugar levels of others between Jan. 1 and Jan. 5.

In addition, this initiative also seeks to raise diabetes awareness. The organizers are asking willing participants to log their numbers at Project Diabetes or Track 3 or to post the results on Twitter using the #test2010 hashtag.

However, they note, the most important thing is to safely test others and urge them to go to the doctor if their numbers appear to be off.

I did after the Christmas pig out. My daughter was at 6.7 mmol/L, her boy friend at 6.1, the Cox at 6.7 my wife at a worrisome 8.2 and Lady Cox with 2 diabetic brothers refused to be tested. I will try to do an OGTT on my wife if she agrees. One of the problems is that some people do not want to know.

Our TU friend Anna Kiff is involved with this program as she mentioned in one of her discussions …I’ll get my Hubby to give me his finger ( to poke :slight_smile: …actually he has a physical in early 2010 and Doc with do ( as usual ) : fasting BG ,thyroid, chol , PSA , etc. . He does not have diabetes as we know today .
Can you post here please , when the numbers are a concern for a person , thinking that one does not diabetes , and numbers are above the norm ? ( I don’t like the way I posed my question , hope it is clear for you ?) …I need to poke me !!

Nel - you beat me to it - I had mentioned about this in my forum posting here - where I’d tested my parents BG in preparation for GDA Community’s New Year Non-Diabetic Test’olution 2010 - it did not turn out very well if you read what happened. My Dad’s was 13 mmol/l and my Mum’s was 17 mmol/.

Anyway, I have a few people willing to participate during Jan 1st - 5th. Luckily, I do not have a limit on how many BG strips I can use (yet ). So, I’ll be posting my results like you say on Twitter using the hashtag #test2010. There are other methods of reporting the results - and you can find them in my forum posting above - if you want to copy and paste it here Igal - please feel free!

One thing to take note of - this will be held not just this one time - but will be an ongoing quarterly project!

Many thanks for Mark and Thomas in getting this up and running! You guys ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Anna from Montreal

we are all in this together …did not mean to beat you to it , friend Anna …by golly you did a great job here …you gave the finger, ha, ha !!

You are welcome any time
Thanks for your reply

You are absolutely right about vast majority of folks just either don’t want or afraid to know their BG level
This is a major concern because any people can live with controlled diabetes if they take proactive approach.

Sorry to insert a negative caution here, but as someone who has done AIDS and HepC education for years, I do not recommend using your meter to test others. “Universal Precautions” means that you assume anyone could be carrying either virus and not know it and so you never expose yourself to anyone else’s blood. The HepC virus, especially can live in a spot of dried blood for up to 14 days. If you do use your meter to test someone else’s blood Please rotate the cylinder or change the lancet (and then change it again for yourself) and then wipe the meter off well.

While I do admire the idea of testing to find undiagnosed diabetes, the risk of spreading blood borne viruses is not a good trade-off.

Good point however periodic changing of test lancets is part of regular testing procedure and it does comply with "Universal Precautions"
There is nothing wrong of using alcohol swabs and wipes. I don’t see how use of individual glucometer violate safety by inserting the right side of test strip in meter testing window.

Thank you for clarifying the “Universal Precautions” point Igal!

I just wanted to add the reminder, as many of us do not change our lancets every time we test. (and many of us don’t regularly use alcohol as it can affect readings not to mention dry skin that is pearced multiple times a day!).

Yes, it is a longshot that a drop of dried blood would go undetected on the meter somewhere, but we all make our choices as to what we do for safety. Having worked with HIV and HepC for years,(and having had undetected HepC for probably 30 years myself) I err in favor of not sharing anything where there might be blood contact. YMMV but I just wanted to put it out for thought.

I’m getting ready to do this to my sister as she’s going in for the pregnancy GTT. I assuming that even though she’s pregnant, it still should be 80-120… am I correct in this?

I say you are correct but maybe Igal Koiman can chime in on this. He certainly seems to know his (D) stuff!

Dear Julie
I will be delighted to share with you my 20+ years extensive practical, field knowledge and expiriece.

Sweet… I was thinking it, but was too lazy to google it… lol

Even though I have been diabetic for 15 years or so, I still never feel very comfortable telling others what their BGL should be. But from what I have seen from your post’s here, you certainly have great advice. And this entire Non-Diabetic New Year Test’olution 2010 seems like a grand idea to me!!

Dear Julie,
You are not alone, we educating hundreds of people with diabetes type 1-2 who are not sure about considering varieties of opinions and disinformation.
Let me give you the official recommended range from American Diabetes Association
Healthy BG range from A!C (5.4-5.9) equal to 90-130 sugar blood level
However if you able drop and maintain your A1C (current golden standard indicator) below 7.0 you should be proud of your self. By the way it is very achievable with some reasonable continuous efforts that combine balanced nutrition, active life style, moderate activities and prescribed medications.

Just thinking, you already 50% ahead of the rest.
Most likely your frends and love once will be very greatful to you for encouragement to make the first important step.

Thanks! Two hours after dinner of 48 grams of carbs, her BS was 79. Mine, 246. I cooked and I “knew” what was in the meal, but I think it’s because I over corrected a low of 50 with twizzlers… lol though, I did just try a new infusion set… I’ll keep an eye on it!

I did my non diabetic husband he was 134 and I was 148 (t1?) fasting this morning…for that GDA Community’s New Year Non-Diabetic Test’olution 2010 Anna shared!!