Test strips allowed by insurance?

In the process to get a ping-I am so excited! Anyway-got to wondering, how many test strips are allowed on average by insurance companies for pump users? I currently get 150 a month, but I don't think that will be enough-especially in the beginning while I'm getting used to things and making adjustments etc. I now have to sometimes shop ebay etc to fill in when I'm running low. I see the educator on Wed to finalize the Dr order(I guess I:C ratios etc) to send off to Animas, we already have a preauthorization for the pump according to the rep from Animas, so hopefully it wont be more than a month or 6 weeks before I am official. Is that time frame unrealistic? Don't want to set myself up for frustration/disappointment. I have been on pins and needles since the start of this. Thanks on advance for your thoughts!

For me, getting 12 per day or 360 per month has never been an issue and I use all of them. In general, most insurances will approve the Rx for however many you rdoctor writes it for.

I think it really depends on your insurance. Unfortunately, they tend to be more generous with Type 1's than Type 2's, but I think being on insulin should definitely equalize that. (I don't think pump or shots is really any difference). I don't think all insurance will automatically grant it - some have their own pre-determined limits but in those cases doctors can write a letter of necessity to overwrite those limits. I think for a Type 2 this might be necessary. Saying it "should" be the same for anyone on insulin, and whether it actually is the same are two different things.

Insurance copanies are required to cover testing supplies - and that's is before the ACA. Of course, they won't tell you that. I went for years paying out of pocket until I met anotehr person with type 1 who had them covered by her insurance. So I asked, and what do you know, they covered them. I always went for testing between 10-15x a day. And I get it. I listed the times:
upon waking
before breakfast
2 hours after breakfaST (sorry I hit the caps button - don't want to type all over agin)
Those times when a test is necessary.

ANd the insurance companies get them wholesale!

Thanks everyone! This has been one issue I have been stressing over- right now I buy whatever is the cheapest after I run out of the ones my insurance covers. I have several back-up meters, so cheap has always worked. But with the pump I think it's best to use the meter remote and only use a back up meter for emergencies/lost meter/etc. It's funny, my supplies will be less $ every 3 months than I pay for 3 months of pen needles according to the rep at animas. He said the reason that may be is that the pen needles aren't covered at all by my insurance, and the supplies for the pump are covered 90% by my plan after I meet the deductible(usually met by March of every year). I will also only have one insulin to buy instead of 2, so half the co pays there except to keep a little Lantus around as a back up plan. Thanks for all the help!

BTW, will be calling the DR Monday to see about a letter to try to get more test strips now-getting kind of pricey buying them out of pocket!

Ask your Dr for another prescription specifying how many times you need to test daily.

My doctor writes a prescription for 10 times/day. If I take it to a local pharmacy I only get 200 strips for a month (<7/day). If I go through a mail order pharmacy I get 300 strips (10/day). And my copay is less for the mail order pharmacy.

I had to get a note from my doctor saying that I require more test strips.I must test between 10-12 x a day.I have hypoglecemic unawareness and I am very sensitive to insulin.Good luck.