Tested the effectiveness of my insulin doses

Today I did some tests to see how my Levemir was controlling my sugars. I fasted for about 2-3 hours after taking the 50 units of Levemir my doctor has me on in the morning. Today was a late start to begin with so I took my insulin at about 1pm. By 3pm my sugars were around 190, they begun at about 200 when I woke up. So in about 2 hours they dropped 10 with no food in my system. I did not even drink any water or other liquids. I finally ate dinner(breakfast) around 5pm. Before I ate I took 45 units of my Novolog and had a sweet and sour chicken meal at a chinese restaraunt, in which I only ate about half and I tried to account for the increase since I am suppose to only take 15 units of the Novolog before a meal as per my GP orders. After eating my sugars increased to 212 at 530pm and 360 by almost 7pm.

Ahhhhhh sweet and sour chicken and rice!!! about the worse meal for a diabetic. :frowning: I avoid totally

Sounds like you can try increasing your Levemir by one unit to see where that leads. Sounds to me like you will need to do quite a few more fasts and also try once you hit a normal bloodsugar to eat about 15 carbs and shoot about 2 units of novolog and see where that lands you in two hours. Start out small with your carb intake and your tests of insulin to carb ratio.

Do you know how many carbs was in your meal tonight. You have to figure that out first. Rice has a lot of carbs as does sweet and sour chicken.

yeah was not my choice of food, wife had a chinese craving :frowning:
I knew ahead of time I was going to eat alot of carbs. Pork Fried Rice, Sweet and sour chicken between fat, calories and the carbs i was in trouble. All depends on how much rice i was served I could have been given 2 servings according to a serving size. It was a lot of FOOD :frowning:

-PS I plan to buy Dr Bernstien’s Diabetes Solution next week if all goes well :slight_smile:

Here’s something that my CDE told me…and I find it helps especially when eating out. Think of a tennis ball…it’s about 1/2 cup portion size, and would be roughly 15 grams of carbs. So for instance, I size everything up…is the baked potato 1 tennis ball or 2…the rice …the bread etc…then I count how many tennis ball size portions of carbs I have x15 and get a “rough” estimate of the total grams of carbs; believe it or not I usually do better with my insulin when I eat out than I do at home but I also find I eat way more carbs ( about 2x’s as much) when I eat out. I really do recommend a CDE and learning all you can about counting carbs and using the insulin:carb ratio. I realize you are a T2 and you seem very insulin resistant…

I ate at a chinese buffet a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I had chinese since being put on insulin and “rediagnosed” as a T1…I covered my meal perfectly with 8 units and since I’m on a 1:12 ratio that means my meal had “about” 96grams of carbs! (more than double what I would normally eat!) and I only had one plate…no seconds~

You might also want to get a book like Calorie Kingto help you count carbs

Good Luck and please continue to keep us posted on your progress

I sure will, I cannot do buffet’s anymore because I just don’t eat enough to make it even worth it, those places are on my top ten places I don’t go. Too many temptations but since my appetite is considerably less then it used to be I don’t go any more. I have an appointment with a Endo, but she is booked till November so unless a cancellation occurs I will not see her until then. And she has a CDE and dietitian connected so I will make sure to get hooked up with some quality education. And I will look into Calorie King, I am getting Dr Bernstien’s Diabetes Solution first though :slight_smile: It is funny, my mother thinks that I might be T1, she thinks my ADHD might have been a possible excuse for other issues in my health and life before my diagnosis. I was 21 or 22 when I was diagnosed and I have been insulin dependent from day 1. Is it possible to be type 1 and not get diagnosed with Diabetes until 21? I know it is rare for someone my age to have diabetes. I have no family with history of diabetes. The only factor was I was overweight. I have been overweight off and on since I was in 9th grade. And carbs, especially bread and pasta were my major craves.

But I will keep all of you posted,


Yes it is very possible to be diagnosed as a Type1 at the age of 21 … I was Diagnosed at 38(misdiagnosed) as a T2… but correctly diagnosed at 41 as a T1…adults can be diagnosed as T1; (we also seem to have at least one other autoimmune disorder, i.e. hypo or hyper thyroid, ) and kids can be T2. I have NO history either in my family and many of us do not. You can be T1 with insulin resistance like a T2. Be sure to ask your endo when you go~ it may or may not change your treatment but sometimes it just helps to know.

I sure hope you will be able to see your endo before Nov! fingers crossed

yeah i hope so too, but i also hope i can find a new job with enough hours to pay the bills… :slight_smile: if the appointment got changed to this week or next i would not have the required copay :frowning:

My endo recently had me start splitting my Levemir into two doses - one at night and one in the morning. I was experiencing insulin waning. You might talk to yours about splitting the dosage on your basal and adjusting your meal bolus according to what you eat and what your insulin requirement are.

Sounds like your numbers were already at 190 when you started eating and just kept going up from there.

yeah my doctor has my Levemir split already, originally was just 45 every night
then went 40/40. Now he has it 50/40. 50 in morning and 40 at night. He has my meal bolus at a straight 15. But when I goto see the Endo I will talk to her about my sugars. I am tracking them all including my shots on sugarstats.com, so when I got see the Endo I plan to print out a copy of the last 2 months so she can see.