Testing Meters and Supplies

Hey everyone,

I travel for a living. I was diagnosed Type 2 back in May of 2009. I have been handling it very well since then. I do have a mechanical problem with my supplies. I must travel by car in the southern part of the USA including Florida and I am not sure if the heat is affecting my test strips. I just had a bout with my meter and strips while on the road away from home. First, I got several different error messages. I called the company and I reset the meter. Next I got radiacally different blood test readings, anywhere from 110 to 145 all within a time period of less than 3 minutes. The company is sending me out some new test strips. Have any of you had to deal with this? I have the Accucheck Aviva Meter and strips. Also, do you have any suggestions for traveling by car with such equipment? Thank you.

The meter stores at a wide termperature range, up to 158 F.
But that doesn’t mean the battery does. In fact the battery may change momentarily. I normally carry the tester/battery with strips with me and don’t leave it in the car.
BUT in FL if I’ve had to leave them in the car, my rule has been never more than an hour, and I’ve had the AC going awhile before I’ve tested. I have left the meter with battery in it in an insulated lunch bag on the floor under a cushion with hopes that I’d be back within the hour and have the AC on again.
I HAVE had mucho trouble with test results if I try to test immediately.
My prior experience with batteries in Africa informed me about battery stability in the heat.
Best wishes.