THANK YOU for your support #helpTuDiabetes! Droid winner announced!

Can't say it enough... we just finished tabulating the online donations we received yesterday and adding everyone (I hope I didn't miss anyone, please let me know if you can't find yourself and I will correct the omission ASAP! - shoot me an email at


We raised a total of $8,337 so far (there may be additional donations coming in through the mail, based on what I've heard):
* 21 people donated at the red level (more than $150!)
* 18 people donated at the orange level ($51 to $150)
* 28 people donated at the green level ($26 to $50)
* and 63 people donated at the blue level (up to $25)

A grand total of 130 donors, breaking all our previous fundraising records (in terms of donations and in total funds raised). -- It should be noted that, in the process, all donations helped me get rid of some fictionary warts I painted on my face, as I poked fun at the character of Manny McPhee. :)

From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of the staff and all volunteers that make the work of DHF possible (many of whom ALSO donated), THANK YOU!

We will be sending out the respective Thank You gifts out in the coming days. Look in the mail and email for more details...

And now, the moment some of you have been waiting for:
-The winner of the last copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry was: DENA!

And the winner of the Motorola Droid Smart phone (chosen among all people who donated, since Aug. 31, excluding DHF staff and board members and their relatives):
D. Bahr, from San Diego, CA


Here are the stats of the #helpTuDiabetes Twitter campaign:

It was pretty amazing how many donations came in on the last day.

I think most doners put it off til the last day then relized what was up and donated.

To complete our campaign with a BANG, today we received a donation for $1,500 from Creation Healthcare, thanks to which we have reached our goal.

Please help us thank them: