Manny McPhee: how the warts went away with our #helpTuDiabetes campaign

Those who have followed the fundraising campaign via Twitter since yesterday have seen the evolution of “Manny McPhee”, the alter ego I have adopted on Twitter, to signal the progression of donations.

I started with a frowning face and two warts:

When I woke up this morning, there were so many donations, I couldn't help but be happier... still, that only got rid of the first (smaller) wart by noon:

After more donations came in during the afternoon today, Manny McPhee lost part of the large wart remaining:

Finally, at 11:15 pm PST, the warts were all gone and only the frowning face was left:

Will the face be smiling again tomorrow? I am sure that will be the case...

If you still haven’t donated, you got time:

You can donate through PayPal: (if you want to donate less than $10)
or through our regular DonateNow page: (if you want to donate $10 or more)

LOL…I think you need a matching cane Manny!

Congratulations on a fun-filled campaign. I don’t tweet, but I had funny watching the tweets scroll by last night. It was so much fun watching I nearly forgot to make a donation!


But you didn’t, Terry!! Thanks so much for your support, as always!!

Glad your smiling now and got rid of those warts!

See the results of the fundraising campaign: