Thank you to everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes so much to TuDiabetes!

So many, many people have spent a lot of time and energy helping others and passing on information and describing their own circumstances.

Please know that your efforts help us newbies so much! I am so grateful to have a chance to learn that others have been through the same challenges, or share the same point of view about various aspects of their health, or have described various challenges that I haven't gotten to yet, but probably will.

Thank you!


I second that, I've been here a year and still feel like a newbie learning, so much to absorb.
Thank you all too.

Count me in too! And thank you, marty, for this post. I actually thought about posting the same thoughts earlier today as I evaluated the progress I've made the last couple of weeks.

I too am so grateful for the advice and explanations provided by those who live this every day. The veterans here are warm, kind, and so patient. They never tire of answering the same questions that I'm sure they've been asked for years. This is a safe place for those of us who need help to come to and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

If only my endo and CDE were willing to explain in such detail. Thank you all for being here.

Thanks, Emily B and smileandnod! You both express it so well!

Best wishes,