I just want to thank everybody who offered me help while I was ill the last few months. Thanks for the suggestions, ideas, messages and thoughts and prayers.

I am now feeling much better and I am very pleased that my problems had nothing to do with my diabetes or my heart.

I was finally diagnosed with SIAHD which has several causes but type 1 diabetes is not one of those causes. I am still trying to get help figuring out why I have this odd disease which involves the kidneys not releasing enough water which causes very low sodium levels.

It is another disease which requires balance and limitations. So far I can control SIADH by reducing my fluids to no more than 50 ounces daily.

This illness apparently caused most of my fatigue, my severe drop in BP and heart rate while running during a nuclear treadmill test and the extreme confusion which resulting in my not knowing what an insulin pen was.

My thyroid is still low, but I am still working on raising it and I still haven’t received results from my adrenal test. They might be the cause of SIADH.

I can’t tell you how extremely glad I am that none of my medical problems have anything to do with my having had diabetes for 60 yrs.

I also realized that one must always get second or third opinions if needed. I saw 3 cardiologists. Two were good and one was a jerk. The third cardiologist said that she had worked with the jerk and that he shouldn’t even be practicing. If a doctor has an opinion which goes against everything you think you know about your body or if he/she is too self satisfied that they can’t be questioned then get yet another opinion.

I don’t like having another illness, but at least it is something I can handle.

I am realizing though that I am having to take more insulin now,



Glad you have a cause for all of your problems. Hope you continue to improve and get things back to normal.


Thank goodness it got figured out. That was a tough one! We never would have guessed that.


I’m so glad this is under control for you @Marilyn6!

Good thoughts and prayers continue to be sent your way!


Wow! Glad you are feeling better and have a diagnosis. :blush:


I am glad that you have figured out what Is wrong so that you can take steps to feel better. My thoughts and prayers continue as you go forward.

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