Thanks for advice got it figured out finally

I spent the last few days tweaking everything around and finally found the proper morning dose of insulin. Yesterday I lowered my dose to 5 units after 7 was too much and I had a low with a BG of 70. I had a slight low feeling with a BG of 111 and ate a small amount of snack and then worked for three hours very strenuously and came home and tested and BG was 120. I have to accept that I feel normal when my blood sugar is between 100 and 120. My body does not feel well when my blood sugar is under 100.

I started the day before yesterday with a BG of 190. I then took 7 units of insulin and at about the 4 hour mark had a severe low feeling with a recorded BG of 76. I ate a few crackers then a pan fried pork chop with some mashed potatoes and 2 hours later had a BG of 111. I did not eat anything else and 10 hours later before I went to bed, I had a BG od 108. So, basically my BG remained stable after the meal. The next morning, which would be yesterday I had a fasting BG of 215. I took 5 units and at about the 4 hour mark felt slightly funny, so I ate the small snack and then went to work. Came home and BG was 120. I ate my meal, took 40 units to cover. This is a meal I eat a few times a week and have the insulin ratios all worked out and my BG was 100 at the two hour mark. This morning I did not check BG, I just took 5 units and I am going to see if I get a low feeling when BG goes down to 110 or 120.

I think I might need 4 units on work days and can get by with 5 on non-work days as I will not be exerting myself on those days. Before I could easily take 20 units for fasting BG of 200 and have no issue. The only thing I can think of is that I am eating even less food in my one meal a day because of this pandemic and no eating out. I am cooking from scratch again and that is possibly lowering my insulin resistance. I also cut out my BP meds to make sure they were not the cause of feeling unwell. I was having BP dips to 90/65 and had a near pass out moment when driving on Sunday. I was confused and straddling two lanes of the highway. Luckily for me there were no cops around and the guy in the lane next to me moved over. My blood pressure is remaining stable while sitting/driving. It is 114/80 to highest, 125/91. But standing, it has gone back to it’s usually spike. It is always 140/111 140/113 when standing. My heart rate also went from 60 resting back to 80-90 resting, and it jumps to 110 when standing. I used to have a resting and standing HR that would never go over 70; not even with physical exertion. I’m going to leave the BP meds alone for now. Being stroke level on that smaller number a few hours a week at work is not going to kill me. It beats going low when driving and getting into an accident.



My BGs are also a cluster F, blizzard. Total mess. Waiting for sensors to figure out whats wrong. They shold arrive today.

I’m getting ready to make some major dietary changes. This way is no longer working. I love food and am going to really have to force myself to start treating this with dietary changes. I’m getting tired of being the sick person. I want to cut out as many meds as I can and try and have some more freedom. Yeah, I had a dip yesterday with no insulin at all. I posted about it on another thread. It is a vey short thread you can take a look at it. Maybe the morning insulin was not really doing anything at all. It was just intensifying what is already happening naturally.