hello again... this is my first day here, but I am happy I already got friends... thanks to your blogs it is so educational, now I can really say that I am not the only person in this world experiencing ups and downs of diabetes, Hope someday they can really find a cure for this (If I am not mistaken there is! a surgery! I can't remember the right name for it- for type II, It was on the news yesterday).

Please help me pray that I could find a job soon, so I could buy and sustain my medicines (glucovance). And also soon I could control my nervousness (sometimes I cannot determine if it is hypoglycemia or panic attack that struck me since same symptoms occur). I cannot buy strips as needed since it is expensive here. I did not take my medicine today because of the hypoglycemia that i had experience last night... Before I was taking medicine twice a day morning and evening, but since I change to brown rice from the regular white rice, we Filipinos are rice eaters :-) ... my blood sugar drop dramatically to close to normal range, so my doctor told me to take medicine once a day (evening)- my blood sugar in the morning for a week. was - 127, 117, 113, 103, 105 and 95 right after a badminton game.

But after experiencing hypoglycemia last night, the doctor told me to stop my medicine for now, but don't forget to exercise and watch what I eat... Wish me luck...

God bless us all...

We Chinese are rice eaters too, so I know how hard it is to not have rice. I switched to Basmati rice. Do they have that in the Phillipines? It’s far less starchy than even white rice and does not make me spike at all. But I don’t have very much of it, and I eat about 1/4 cup of rice at a time.

Glad to hear your spirits lifted a little. Thats why everyone is here, for education and support. I love eastern and asian food and therefore rice is a part of it. I still eat white rice but moderate the amount. I tried the Basmati but really didn’t help me much. still as many carbs but just doesn’t spike as quickly.

Good luck with the job search and the blood sugar control

thanks for the info, I’m going to look for basmati rice in the market, :-), can’t live without rice in my meal, though I only eat rice at lunch and dinnner (with viand)
In the morning, just 4 pcs cracker, a banana and non-fat milk, i don’t eat snacks often(only if I got cravings…junk foods…LOL but not everyday… once a week maybe), my snack is usually boiled banana musa. I love banana!!!