There was a recent discussion here about how D keeps you awake at night, especially with a CGM. I posted that I never get a good night’s sleep, because my CGM alerts me at least one time every night. That whole discussion made me think. I had basal teated overnight, without food, and seemed fine. Then I noticed that the first alert was happening between 10 and 11 everynight. I tested the evening basals (they had not changed in 10 years of pumping) and LO AND BEHOLD! There was the problem. The evening basal from 6 to 10 was making me too low, even though I lowered the basal at 10, I continued to have problems over night. (I am really insulin sensitive, for which I am glad.)

SO, I am happy to report that I have had 3 uninterruped nights sleep in a row!!! I feel so much better. I have not been yawning all the time!

THANKS for these discussions. They make me think differently and that helps me solve problems.

Nice job!