The 2nd Annual Diabetes Online Community Gift Exchange

Last year, I hosted a holiday gift exchange on Elfster, an online website devoted to coordinating gift exchanges. It was a rousing success (I got $30 worth of iTunes gift cards from Scott Strumello, so I was happy!) and I’d like to do it again. It’s a great way to get to know someone in the diabetes community and spread a little holiday cheer around the blogosphere!

The way it works is this:

  • From today until November 30, you can sign up to participate by visiting this link.
  • On December 1, Elfster will automatically draw names for everyone and email you. You will be notified of the person’s name and mailing address.
  • You have until December 24 to mail the person a gift.
  • Try to keep the gift around $25. But that’s just a suggestion. Not a requirement. Be thoughtful, be creative, be personal.
  • ONLY your Elfster match will receive your mailing address. All contact info is kept completely private. But PLEASE make sure you post your mailing address, otherwise you won’t get your gift. :frowning:
  • If necessary, you can leave once the exchange has started, but we are not adding anyone because it causes the entire group to be reshuffled and that just gets confusing.
  • Remember: you must join by November 30!

This is open to EVERYONE, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmahanukwanzaka. Or nothing at all and you just like getting presents (and who doesn’t?).

It’s fun – it’s easy – and it’s fun! (It’s so fun, I had to say it twice).

Questions? Leave a comment or email me at

Don’t forget to join!

Awesome idea Allison count me in!!

I’m in, too!

Thanks! That’s great.