This Holiday Season, Do Something About Diabetes

Every holiday season, the giving spirit grows and tons of gifts exchange hands as we celebrate and wish for the best to happen to those we love.

This year, I want to invite you to consider for a minute doing something about diabetes. Look around you: it is not hard to find someone or some organization to share a little bit with. It may be money or it may be a smile, but do something about it.

I will give you two pointers for you to start, as close references, since they pertain to things close to the lives of two of our members:
-Cody Turner has asked for our help to raise the funds she needs to get an Animas Insulin Pump. Another member of our community helped get her a VERY good price on it, but she still needs to raise close to $1,600 (she has only raised $15 since Nov. 10). We can help her reach that goal. Here is how you can help Cody.

-Julie Burke is a member of American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad (AYUDA), They are doing a phenomenal job at empowering youth in developing countries to take an active role in managing their diabetes through essential diabetes education, in order to prevent the severe complications caused by the disease. Through their work, as little as $25 can help sponsor the transportation for 1 child to a diabetes camp for kids. Find out how you can help AYUDA in their mission.

These are two examples. It’s not hard if you look around… so please do something about diabetes this holiday season. Once you have, without saying what you did or for whom, come back here and post saying: “I did something about diabetes this holiday season.”

If you can help spread the word about this idea by posting on your blog about it, so we can make a difference in someone touched by diabetes this year, please do so.

Check out where you can order letters from Santa Claus and up to 20% of the sale is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Thank you Manny for this wonderful post. Can we please add to the list of charities to consider donating to? We are a nonprofit assistance organization. We give free diabetes supplies away to others in need as well as cash assistance to buy insulin. We have helped more than 180 people in the past year and placed 6 people on insulin pumps who could not otherwise afford them. We always need (unexpired) donated diabetes supplies of any kind, used insulin pumps, and cash! We are all volunteer so literally every penny you give goes directly to diabetics who cannot afford their supplies and insulin.

Have a safe and happy holiday!
Lahle Wolfe
CEO,, Inc.

Thank you for mentioning my predictment. I have gotten $75 now. I also posted my paypal address on the other post as well but I will post it here as well… It is

Thankyou Manny for making it possible to do this. Alot of us cant do much… but the little that we can will add up. We need to take care of our tudiabetes family as much as we take care of our own families in whatever way we can. If it werent for the support from my family here… I dont know how I would be handling the diabetes, pain of depression from the circumstances that I go thru.
I’m so glad to have a family to care for me like this one.

Dear Manny
Please spare a thought for Diabetes Action in Durban, South Africa. We are not as well funded as many of the overseas Associations and if I do not raise R30 000.00 by the end of this week I will have to close the centre. At the centre I offer counselling and advice at a very nominal rate. I also have a 24 hour help-line. If anyone can help us we would be most grateful.
We have recently completed a DVD for the rural child with Diabetes, funded by money from the Netherlands but our own Health Department does not believe that we have a problem!!
Please contact me for details of how you can help.
Thank you again, Manny, for your wonderful thoughtfulness towards those suffering with Diabetes. May Tu Diabetes grow from strength to strength.
Bless you
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