The Adventures of Mr. Kitty and the Lantus Vial

We lost one...a vial of Lantus that is. Lately when I am at my desk, one of our cats has been climbing all over the desk and swatting at anything that moves in an effort to knock it to the floor and chase it around. Based on finding things as I left them, he is only doing this when I am in that room. That is, until today. I came home from work to an odd smell in the house. Then I notice my Lantus is on the floor. Didn't make the connection. Went to pick it up and it was wet. That's when I realized what I was smelling. It must have landed on the bottom edge, because the entire bottom is shattered where it hit the hardwood floor. Honestly, I still can't believe it broke like that. I have dropped these on wood, concrete, and other rough places and the best I have been able to do is dent the metal ring that makes up the top. Tiggs (the cat) has had an interest in swatting the vials or syringes when I set them out doing shots. I should have known better and started putting the vials away, but I didn't. The other day I set out a syringe, capped, he knocked it to the floor and before I could grab it he had it in his mouth. Picture me chasing a cat around the house carrying a syringe in his mouth. Just thought I should share the laugh here. I've got more Lantus in stock, so other than the smell of insulin in the house, no harm done.

Tiggs does have expensive toys! Maybe you could put some empty spools of thread on your desk -- no smell.

In fairness, my dogs like to knock things off the counter, too. for instance, there was the baked chicken -- we found a bone in one of their crates, in fact we had to wrestle it out of the dog's mouth.

That is hysterical! Cats are such good entertainment - usually cheap...not in this case! Too bad you didn't get Tiggs with the syringe on video!

Oh that is so funny. Gotta love cats.

He does have expensive toys...or would that be makes expensive things into toys? Haha. I wish I did get the syringe thing on video. When he gets something and takes off with it he gets this funny almost like a trot. Not quite running but speedy and it seems almost like he is running with a purpose if that makes any sense. He loves to chase small balled up scraps of paper. He'll swat them around and then pick it up with his paw and carry it around the house in his mouth, similar to the syringe. As for the insulin, ahh well, cats will be cats. Can't be mad at him, its too amusing to watch him do his thing.

Loved your story, thanks for posting. I have cats too that love to bat things around, and they can be very entertaining. No busted bottles of insulin, but twice I've had the tubing on my insulin pump severed by a cat.

Im really surprised the vial broke as well. I too have dropped vials onto hard floors, and lol they've just bounced. That cat has talent, hahaha.

If this is an ongoing issue, you might think about protecting your vials. There are some basic vial covers, usually use with kids. And then there is a product called Vial Safe that is an impact resistant vial protector.