Butter Fingers quick save

Rough night at work tonight and the at the end it just got worse. I was fishing through my pockets for some change when feel something shift out of my pocket, quick look down “clink”. I quickly snatch up the fallen object and look. It’s my Lantus vial now with a nice small hole in the bottom edge. I look at it dumb founded and in shock at first thinking I had just chipped my vial, but no I look closer. A small hole has appeared in the bottom edge of the vial. I quickly holding the now broken vial of my life juice upside down make it back to my tug which has my bag and what I no know to be around 40 syringes in it. I quickly start pulling out syringes and load them. Long story short I now have 28 full syringes sitting in my fridge. I don’t have the money to replace the Lantus at this moment and I am hopping what I saved was still good. I guess I will be doing paranoid random checking till I can get a new vial in a week or 2, I just wonder what my co workers thought of the guy who was cursing to himself while filling syringe after syringe. But lesson learn vials and pockets do not mix.

Ok, the good news and then the bad news. The good news, you probably have a one or two good days of Lantus saved. The bad news. I suspect that most of your Lantus won’t survivie. In this study of the topic, the Aventis studied the stability of Lantus prefilled in four types of syringes and unfortunately by day 3, all of them had gone bad. I’m sorry.

Blargh at least it gives me time to hit up my doctor.

Hopefully your doc can give you a free sample vial. Afraid Lantus degrades quickly in syringes.

Hi Anonymous Jim - My name is Laura Kolodjeski and I work in the Diabetes Division at sanofi-aventis. If you call 800-633-1610 option 7 sanofi-aventis may be able to assist you in this matter. All the best, Laura

Thank you

Why would you be carrying a vial in your pocket anyway? the heat from your body does it no good. Pack it in an insulated something. There’s plenty of packaging things to keep your insulin pens and vials in. Heat deteriorates insulin.

28 days at room temperature never had a problem with my insulin not working satisfactory unless I push a vial past 35 days. I take my lantus when I get off my shift in the mornings and carry it in my bag or pocket to make sure I have my supplies at all times. In the summertime when temperature breaks 60 degrees I use a frio pack. Since it still in the 50s the temperature is in a safe range. My work does not provided lockers for personal goods and it is 3 tenths of a mile to my car so it is safer and wiser to carry my supplies with me.