The Big Slow Down

I've finally done it -- After almost a year I've lost 122 pounds. I still have some to go but I have hit the Big Slow Down.

I'm doing all the same things but my body has adjusted and isn't impressed. Not like she used to!

So -- I have cut the calories a little tighter.
Kept the carbs to no carb, lo carb.
And finally I am ABLE to exercise so I got a membership at the Y and I exercise 3-4x a week (treadmill, simple weights, a cross trainer) and am building that activity. This summer I will start swimming.
I walk at the park at least 1 a week.

I change it up -- vary my workouts, vary my calorie counts.

So how else can I fool my body? I'm 'starving' it but I don't want it to figure it out -- lol -- and shut down.

Any great suggestions? I don't believe in miracle foods. I'm pretty straight forward. If I have fats its MUFA time (olive oil, avocados, smart butter) But if there is a trick to this, I'd sure like to know.

Happily, I am still losing. Just slowly! Its not as encouraging as before.

And, I'm not going to give up!

Congrats on the weight loss, Marcia! I love the part where you put on something you wore this time last year and it falls off. But I've been 'stuck' for awhile now too, and it's truly demoralizing to do all the same stuff that worked before and nothing happens. Yet, any errors or lapses still cost me!

I was told to up the proteins and did that to no avail - but maybe it will help you. I now take a Whey powder with my skim milk twice a day that adds about 66 gm of protein to my 'count'. But I often forget to eat for a day or two during tax season and absolutely nothing works for me in terms of pushing that scale down. I don't get ANY exercise during those months but it still doesn't seem fair to be taking in so little and even gaining a pound sometimes.

Hubby also plateau'd a bit but at least he is still losing SOME... just more slowly like you.
Try the extra protein, if you haven't already. My dietitian said it might help 'kick-start' the stalled metabolism. And of course .... Never, ever give up:

that's right. never give up!