The Challenges of Self Glucose Monitor Among Persons Living with Diabetes in Sub Saharan Africa

The revolution of glucose meter introduction into the World of Diabetes brought hope, relief and ease to many persons living with Diabetes. Before now, when one intends to do a blood glucose check, it may take several weeks to months. Subsequently with this innovation, within five seconds one can have a clear picture of blood glucose and more recently, non invasive glucose monitoring machines are being developed.

In many developing Countries of Subsaharan Africa like Nigeria, there is a chaos in the complexity of the challenge. Many persons living with diabetes are able to acquire glucose meters yet are not able to get the test strips to buy. The glucose meter may have gotten to them via relations who are living in America, UK, France among others or donations from Non Governmental organizations on medical outreach missions. Yet there are some companies with established glucometer brands but their cost are exorbitant for an average person to buy. In the mist of these confusion there are new companies coming with new model of meters for people living with diabetes to buy. The question on the mind of many people is this, what happens if these companies stop to supply this meters how can they buy test strips in future? Any company who intend to come into the glucometer business should give assurance of continous supply of test strips and other accessories to ensure confidence in persons living with diabetes who intends to buy their meter.

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