How hard would it be to make a cell phone with an integrated BG meter?

Heck, how about a meter that allows any company to make the test strips for it. Then have the dang CGM data receivable from the freaking cell phone. I tired of all the crap I have to carry in my pockets.

Yeah wishful thinking, but it would be pretty easy to do.

Integrated meter? Piece of cake.

But would be incredibly expensive (probably several thousand $$). This is due primarily to the very tiny market -- no economies of scale -- and the FDA gauntlet that would have to be run for approval.

Further, because of the price, juxtaposed against free meters that fit in your pocket, I don't think there would be much of a market at all for it.

Test Strips: A "universal" test strip is a nice idea, but that won't ever happen either (without force by gubmint). Several reasons: The detailed chemistry and algorithms used by manufacturers is a trade secret. This is because these variations at the margin -- i.e. things that have nothing to do with accuracy, per se -- are where are the competitive differentiation takes place.

Speed of results, blood drop size, ease of application, etc. etc. -- these things are where the different companies compete. They all have to meet a minimum accuracy standard, so they compete on those other things.

And in the end, we the D community, want competition!

I use the ibg star meter and I love it.. it has made my life so much easier. I'm not sure about one integrated because the meter could fail and then you would have to replace your whole phone which would be very expensive- however maybe someone will come up with one. So far Sanofi just replaces my meters if I have any problem with them.

You can use it with the latest iphones as far as I know.. you just have to purchase a connector.