The crazy itchy rash

Hello, I have been a member for a while now but never post. I just read and enjoy. Maybe someone
out there can tell me if I'm crazy, or having a drug reaction. Last April I had a small patch of itchy rashy
skin on my leg. I thought it might be psoriasis ( which I have only on my feet ) but the Dr. said it wasn't.
I can't remember how long, but I think it was a week or 10 days later, I started taking Byetta for my
T2. Since then I've had a rash that went to both legs, then up the trunk, arms and lastly on my scalp.
The rash is red bumps, super itchy, I thought I had scabies!! ( paranoia! ) 2 doctors, injections, creams, sprays of the strongest cortisone and I still have it barely controlled.
None of the Dr.'s think it;s the Byetta because I started it after the rash, but what do you all think?
I'm going to a 2nd Dermotologist on the 21st for a second opinion.
Is it safe to stop the Byetta for a week and see what happens? I also take Metformin 1000 2x day.

I honestly don't know what this rash could be but I'm wondering if the Byetta might have irritated the rash in some way? It doesn't sound like it's caused by the Byetta but it could be something to mention to a doctor.

Stopping the Byetta might play some havoc with your BS so I would talk to your doctor first before doing that - tell him that you understand they think it is not the Byetta but you need to rule it out. Although you had a rash before starting the Byetta, the original rash might have been something different. If you decide to stop the Byetta, I would give it at least 2 weeks before deciding it is not the Byetta. I have had some problems with a few things that took longer than one week to go away. Since it got a lot worse after you started the Byetta, I would definitely want to rule that out as a potential cause.

Another possibility is gluten. Even if you don't have Celiacs, a lot of people have gluten problems and it can present in rashes. I didn't have a rash, but I had one very itchy spot amongst some other problems. When I get gluten, that one spot starts itching again. I was getting some when my pharmacy changed to a different brand of a drug I take and it took 2 weeks of being off that before the itching stopped. I started it again after that 2 weeks and it came back so I knew it was that drug.

I currently have a strange one going on also. My back started getting very itchy this summer. My skin is very dry so thought that was the cause and it is hard to get lotion all over my back. The worst was in a spot I couldn't reach so I got a lotion applicator. That didn't help so I started trying to look in the mirror & I had a small white lump that was very hard to see. I thought at first that it could be a bug bite so gave it 2 weeks to go away before calling a doctor. I made an appointment with a dermotologist, but had a long wait. One day I started thinking that the itching started right after getting some new bras - I Googled that and found out a lot of people have problems with bras. I immediately stopped wearing them and even though the lump hasn't gone away, the itching stopped. One woman said her lump took about 6 weeks to go away after she stopped wearing the bras that caused hers. Who would have guessed that one!

I forgot to add that I have a friend with Celiacs and hers presented with skin problems. She also suggested to someone she knew with skin problems to quit eating gluten and that woman's problems went away also.

OK, I so appreciate the feedback. Will start researching the gluten connection, another friend mentioned that to me also. Meanwhile I will keep using Byetta, I have come to the last straw trying to figure this out. Hopefully this new Dr. will be good enough to come up with an answer. Thanks Again!
Hope YOUR bump goes away too!

When I developed an allergy to something giving me a rash across my stomach, I googled possibilities until I figured out that the culprit was Tegaderm. I had a horrid rash around the places where the Tegaderm had been and then spread a few inches.

At that time, I googled "latex allergy" among other things, and I think that I may be developing an allergy to it also. You might find it useful to google "latex allergy" to see if it might just possibly be your problem. At any rate, good luck in finding the problem and its solution.