The Diabetic Voice - A project to collect diabetes stories

What are your greatest fears? What is your motivation to take care of yourself? How has your way of taking care of yourself changed over the years? How do those around you help you take care of yourself?

The Diabetic Voice Project is in the process of collecting stories of people affected by diabetes around the world. Either visit or continue reading for further details.


If you are a diabetic, have a family member who is a diabetic, have a friend who is a diabetic, have been affected by diabetes in any way – we want to hear your story. It does not matter what type of diabetes you have – it is the story that counts.


Email We are looking for short stories and statements – between 200 – 600 words. The stories can be about anything you feel like sharing concerning diabetes and any aspect of it. Only a first name is necessary. If you would like to use another name that is fine, just identify yourself in some way.

By sharing your story, you are giving the people who are running this project full license to further share your story, without any expectation that you will be financially compensated or consulted on further use of your story.

IF you are open to being contacted further after sharing your initial story, please enclose contact information (full name as well as email and/or phone number).

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Diabetic Voice project was a random idea that began one day while sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for a little brother's performance in a children's theater version of the Aristocats. From there, it has grown organically into the modest project that it is today.

Think of it like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” or “PostSecret” - stories and accounts from your fellow humans that other people can identify with, find strength from, be entertained by or find comfort in. In can feel awfully alone sometimes in this world, but the reality is that people contain a wealth of knowledge and experience that is worthy of being shared. In this sharing, we become closer as a people.

When you submit stories or comments, they are reviewed by the Diabetic Voice team. You may submit them anonymously or not, the choice is up to you. We will never contact you further unless you give us express permission to (you can indicate that you would not mind being contacted when you submit your story to us). Once your story is read, it may be quoted or shared in its entirety on Who knows? If enough stories are shared, this may end up in other mediums as well - books, movies… the possibilities are endless. But the point is and always will be shared experiences of having diabetes, caring for someone who does, or having been affected by it in some way.

Please, however, do not expect to be contacted back. We cannot offer medical help or advice. None of us are trained health professionals. We are diabetics seeking a living history of our collective experiences. Your stories are our sources of strength and motivation. They keep us going, keep us checking our blood sugar, keep us motivated to care for ourselves.

By sharing your story, you are giving the project full entitlement to use your words as the team sees fit. You will not be financially compensated or further consulted on the story. By sharing your story, you are putting it out into the universe to be heard, without specific expectations of how or when.

Eventually we hope to expand as we are able. Goals are:

1.) Establishing a toll-free telephone number so more people from a wider variety of socio-economic statuses and places can share their stories.

2.) Establishing a post office box where people can write and send in their accounts.

We want to make this project accessible to everyone, but that entirely depends on the initial response we get to it.

There is no academic or corporate entity behind this project. It is run by average, everyday diabetics.

Help us to share your voice.

Many thanks,

The Diabetic Voice