Share your story and help with a project!


My name is Sara Hollingshead and I am currently working on an Honors project at William Smith College and am looking for some help. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes since I was eight years old (1998) and know how it can isolate an adolescent in what some consider one’s favorite years-high school and college. Thus, I have embarked on a year long Honors project that will allow me to create a collection of short stories about living as a young adult with diabetes; if you ever read The Dinosaur Tamer when you were first diagnosed/younger, I’m hoping to create something along the lines of that, but for an older audience-13-22 years old.

The purpose of this collection is to remind adolescents that they are not the only one counting carbs or taking insulin, which is why I am turning to anyone who would like to help.

I ask you to share a story or two about living with diabetes. The story can be about anything you’ve done or been through, in relation to diabetes, preferably though a high school or college/growing-up experience. The stories will ultimately show how people with diabetes still live. For example, my own story recounts a really bad low experience during a Spring Break rowing training trip.

If you’re interested in sharing a story, a few things you might want to know—

-I don’t need the story today or tomorrow; I am working on the project until March, so you can take some time to reflect and think about your experiences, but just let me know you’re interested in helping out.
-You don’t have to write the story either; I’ll be doing all of the writing, editing, revising, etc., so if it’s easier for you to tell me your story over the phone or Skype, I’m happy to oblige.
-Your story/experience does not need to be ‘happy-go-lucky’ it just needs to show an experience in your life with diabetes
-I’m hoping each story to be considered a ‘short story’ or at least a few pages, so you can combine a few experiences to show your growth/development of life with diabetes, or you can just elaborate on one specific experience.
-Although I am not sure how at the moment, I will be recognizing each person (you!) that the story is about (probably with a small biography paragraph and the beginning of end of the story). And if you want to change the names of people involved/your name, that is fine as well!

I’m really excited about my project and working with people living with diabetes to remind adolescents that they are not alone and that life goes on, despite diabetes.

If you want to help or have any questions or concerns, I can be reached here, on TuDiabetes, or email

Thank you in advance for your support!

I'd be down with doing a couple write-ups of things I've gone through. I think what you are doing is great. Do you just need the stories, or some bio info as well?

Hi Danni,

I'd love for you to share some stories! For my project, I am imagining a short little bio paragraph at the beginning of each chapter/story just introducing who the story is about and a brief bio-probably just containing how long they have had diabetes, how old they are, what they are currently doing, etc.
I'm more than happy to help you in any way you want- if you need help developing ideas or writing, or if you just want to write that's fine! Whatever is easiest for you to write you story will work.

i would be happy to help with the project!

Hey Andrea,

I'm so happy you're interested! If you want to email me at or message me here, on TuDiabetes, I'd love to discuss and develop some stories for you to share!

Thanks so much for your interest!

I'd be down to share some stories.

Hey Becky,

I'd love for you to share some stories. If you want to email me at we can discuss some of your experiences and turn them into stories!!

Thanks! I'm excited to hear back from you!

When I originally joined this group was when TuDiabetes had just started. I'm might be a little old for what stories you are looking for. I'm now 27, turning 28 in April. Let me know if that's too old for what you need. I would love to share my story with you.