The Double Beep

After Jgos's recent post on pod failures:

I got to wondering, how do we respond to pods that don't double-beep after being charged with insulin?

I know I just say, "oh yes, another recalcitrant pod" (or words to that effect) and press the "next" button on the PDM. But being prompted by Jgos's discussion I trawled the web and it seems like a lot of other pod users say, "it's broken, and I'm don't know how to fix it"; a very reasonable response.

So what do people do, throw it away (and, I trust, rant at Insulet) or hit "next", like me, and see what happens next? Or something else I haven't thought of?

John Bowler

It doesn't happen very often! My last pod, didn't beep, but I continued on worked, and worked fine. I try to wear them for the full 80 hours and when this one was finished, I didn't hear it on the pod. But I heard the PDM when I went to it in the kitchen...I knew when it was going to expire. Insulet is great about sending a new pod if one fails. It does happen, but as I previously mentioned, not often.

For what it may be worth to others I'll share what helped me a lot with the beeps or no beeps. I started changing pods in a quiet room away from all other noises/distractions (microwave beeping, phone ringing, husband talking, dog barking, etc. etc.). As soon as I did that-maybe a year ago- I think I've only had one pod NOT beep ( I choose to not use that one & called it in for a replacement). I was told not to use a non-beeper & that Insulet would replace them; can't remember if they asked me to save it to return or not.

I totally agree with you here. I have often questioned if I heard a pod beep only to realize that it was probably masked by other noises in the room. Now, I am sure to put it on a hard surface and I pay close attention until I do hear it beep. We have only ever had one not beep in our 4 years also.

Starting to use the Omnipod sins December 2011, I am pretty new but the first Pod was a screamer and the second one a non-beeper. They were for training but I thought, how lucky can I be? Maybe I have to go out and buy lottery tickets now. The training non-beeper, we placed anyway and the trainer said never to do that normally. After sticking it on my body we checked the alarm beeps with the PDM. They didn't work on the Pod. A week ago I also had a "screamer and a "non- beeper" at the same Pod change and replaced them with a new one. Then I report it to Ypsomed (distributer of Omnipod in Europe) and they sent new ones.
I now that you can use a non-Beeper and it will work fine but without the possibility of alarms. Knowing that makes me feel uncomfortable, so I am not using them. The advice of Omnipod is not to use them and since they replace them free I will do so.
And yes, concentration when changing Pod’s give less failures.

Ah; so sometimes the beeper doesn't work. I hadn't thought of that, although it's pretty obvious.

It seems like there's pretty strong advice not to use it if it doesn't beep, but I have the volume problem too; sometimes there's too much noise (normally dogs in my case.) I also have a problem concentrating on anything I've done before ;-)

John Bowler

I recently had one box of pods that 7 out of 10 had issues. 4 did not beep when insulin was injected into it and 3 had errors after about 2 hours of wearing and had to be deactivated. I placed a call to Insulet and the rep there told me that as soon as I have an issue with the pod, to save the pod, call Insulet and let them know what occurred. There is a lot number on the back of the pod that they need to log so that they can research if there is an issue with the production lot. As to the 3 pods that had to be deactivated, she stated that they do not warranty those as those are site issue and she went through a list of questions about how it is installed, was the insulin at room temp when it was placed in the pump etc. At the end of the call, she agreed to replace all 7 pods and sure enough a day and a half after the call, a box showed up at my door.