Pod Problem

Hey all!
I've read a lot of posts on here, but can't seem to find any specific to this issue.

I was changing my pod out the other night. Everything was going just fine, I was following the directions, but when I went to fill the new pod with the insulin, it never gave those two beeps (I guess those are to let you know it senses the insulin in there?). I didn't use that pod, and instead used a different one with no problem.

BUT now the pod gives two series of beeps every few minutes. It's not very loud and we can ignore it, but I wasn't able to find in the instruction book what these beeps mean.

Here are my questions:
1. Can I still use the pod next time I need to change? Will the pdm recognize it?
2. If I can't use the pod, can I extract all that insulin out of there? I tried previously, but wasn't able to get anything but some bubbles. I hate to waste it!

Thanks for your help everyone!

If a pod is beeping then it has been activated and will not work more than 80 hours past activation. Insulet will replace pods that do not beep when filling if you call and let them know. You can remove insulin from pods, if you can't get it out of the fill port then use a key or nail file or something and crack the pod open and get it directly from the reservoir. Before removing the insulin though call Insulet about the lack of beeps. Most of them they replace without asking for the old pod back but sometimes they do want it. Any of these question they are happy to answer and usually are quick to pick up their phones. It doesn't hurt to try them!

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Call OmniPod customer service and explain what occurred. They will ask you for the number on the side of the affected pod - it will be the lot number. They will in turn, send you a new one. The pod should not be used again. I have had luck getting the insulin out of the pod through the same port hole that you put it into the pod. I just make sure that the hole is facing down and then using the syringe, pulling the insulin out. You have to hold the plunger back until the vacuum seal within the pod equalizes and then it will release the insulin. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the plunger pulled as the suction is so strong. You will not get 100% of the insulin but you should be able to get quite a lot.

We have recently had a lot of Pods that do not beep after filling them with insulin. They have primed without a problem though, and we use them as normal.

The two beeps you are hearing are because the Pod is expecting to be primed and it isn't. It's reminding you to prime it. It may be able to be primed when you want to use it next, but the batteries are starting to drain right now. I'm not sure I would want to.

Yes you can extract the insulin. I don't think it's officially advisable, but we have done it before without a problem - just like extracting from a vial.

Actually, Rebecca, I don't think this Pod was activated. We've had similar experiences. The Pod was filled and wants to be activated, but never connected with the PDM so the 80 hour clock I don't believe has started.

I recently had to call about a Pod problem and Insulet asked for the lot number and the number to the right of it. They were very nice and will send me a replacement pod with my next order.

This is good to know! I'll try to rescue my insulin tonight.
I don't know that Omnipod will replace my pod since it was given to me for free--I'm still on my trial period and my system will arrive Wednesday and I go for training next Monday.

Also good to know that they will prime ok without beeping. I'll keep that in mind in case there is a next time.

You MAY be able to have it prime without beeping but if it refuses to go to the next step, call Insulet and tell them. The only way to keep it from continuing the beeping sound after it refuses to prime is to actually either take a hammer to it until it stops or I have heard that putting it into the freezer will stop it since the cold drains the battery (I personally have not tried this - yet.)

The pod may not have given two beeps, which could be an indication there was something wrong w/ it. I have used pods before that didn't give two beeps and they've been fine. I know others have used them and had issues. Now days if I get a pod that fails to do the double beep, yes, I extract that insulin and fill a new pod. It takes some finagling to get the insulin out, but it can be done.
Now the pod seems to be "registering" that it has insulin in it and wants to connect to the PDM. It may throw an error before the next time to change a pod so it is likely that you'll just need to "kill" this one (for me it means ripping the top off and pulling out the two springs that touch the metal disc in the lid to prevent it from beeping). Some throw them in the freezer to keep them from beeping/screeching. Some get after it w/ a hammer...whatever your stress level calls for I would think ;)

If the Pod does not double beep after you have filled it, I was told by an Insulet reo tgat ut sgiykd be immediately disposed of and Insulet will replace it. This has happened to me at least 1 hundred times! Good Luck, and PEACE.

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As an additional note, Insulet also recommends you withdraw the insulin from every bad pod, which for some (me included) is actually a tough task (My wife has become an expert, however).

My pods seem to start the 80 hours from the moment I get the two beeps, not when they connect to the PDM.

I read somewhere that there is a pinhole button somewhere on the device to push to silence the device. Is that true?

In theory yes, there's a sort of dimple about 3/4 of an inch from the viewport and towards the side of the pod. If you stick something small (pin, paperclip, etc.) in it it's supposed to disconnect the sound. Problem is I think I can only get it to work about 3% of the time.

Yes in theory there is a pinhole on the top (it is located "on top" of the the disc that you can see on the top). I've never had success at getting the beeping/screeching to stop using this method. I typically rip the pod apart from the back edge. I use a screw driver if I'm at home, but in a pinch I can just use my hands (use your fingernail to get it started but this is def not an "easy task").

lol to the "3%". I have to agree w/ that. I have never gotten it to work :)

If I have a pod that's beeping, and the PDM won't deactivate it, I pry the two halves apart and remove the spring that provides power to the speaker. Sometimes I can do it by hand, sometimes I have to work a knife blade between the two halves (a dinner knife, not a sharp one).

Interesting. I was assuming it wouldn't start until activation, but don't know for a certainty. Just curious how you measure that? For any that we activate it's within minutes of the double beep, so I wouldn't notice. And any that we haven't, well we haven't and I just haven't kept track. But maybe it does the double beep until the 80 hour mark and then just stops. Maybe that's how you know?

When I first got the pods I had one that was going to run out of insulin around 4AM. I thought I could make the pod change process in the middle of the night easier by filling it before I went to bed. First of all it drove me crazy beeping for hours, then when I finally got it on I noticed that the "expiration time" was based off of about 11PM when I'd filled it, not the 4AM when I started it.