The Dumb (And Sometimes Funny) Things People Say to Diabetics


"...IF YOU HAD EATEN THE GREEN BEANS FOR LUNCH, YOU WOULD NOT HAVE GONE LOW..." said one of the nurses with the crash cart team when they called "Code Blue" on me, not because somebody put the short acting insulin in the IV bag instead... I was to blame, because I failed to eat the boiled to death "SUGARY" (SSI) green beans poured from the can...

Grim Sigh.


Oh my fav is when when ppl try to explain how diet soda isn’t better for you than regular. I kinda just give them the -_____- face and sarcastically respond that they are right if I don’t take sugar into consideration.


can i see you do you finger pricky thingy

sure i will just do my bgl that i hate doing even when i have a reason to do it just to stab my self and get a sore finger all for you


Only if you will allow me to do it on your finger.


I’ve had that one backfire a few times with people eagerly saying “okay!!!” … what a waist of a strip. But I can’t really say no after that :no_mouth:


And then it forces you took look for a fresh lancet. Where do I keep those things? When I last changed one it was right here in my kit!


thats probably the one pro. The only time I change my lancets is when testing someone else


People still think it’s the Lente/R/NPH days and I need to eat every 3 hours or I’m going to pass out. I like to eat though, and sometimes that gets me out of things I don’t want to do at work or otherwise, so sometimes I let them think that…


I once had a doctor say to me “you don’t look diabetic”, I mean you just don’t expect that kind of ignorance from a doctor! I think even she was embarrassed with her statement by the time it had come out of her mouth.


Oh I have to add one more, this is me venting now! I have one drama queen in my life who will respond with “oh my God you need to eat, are you going to collapse” every f***ing time she hears my pump beep or sees me take out my meter, it drives me nuts! I feel she is not worth the energy it would take to educate her so I just grit my teeth!




WOW. Just WOW. I would have let that manager know in no uncertain terms (without anyone else present of course), that if that happened and I didn’t die, when I was done with him/her that their mom wouldn’t recognize them.



Or when they see you eating something sweet and they give this nervous laugh and say, “Don’t have a coma on me!”


Yes. I just LOVE the Food Police. You can’t eat that. Pardon me? I can eat whatever the hell I want. I can eat anything you can eat. Watch me.

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Or when they see you eating something sweet and they give this nervous laugh and say, "Don't have a coma on me!"

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April 26OMG!! ALL. THE. TIME.

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Oh my goodness, you guys!! Just yesterday a young woman at a client’s saw some tubing poking out of my blouse & asked what it was. I showed her my pump. “Insulin?!” She gasped. “I didn’t know you had the bad diabetes!!” I had never heard that one until i read your posts & i almost burst out laughing :blush: Bless 'er heart!


I had a doctor talk to me about my medical history, when I said I was Diabetic he said “sugar diabetes or the other one”. Wow, I was floored that a currently practising physician would a) use a term that has not been used in decades and b) forget the name of both types of Diabetes. That was the one and only time I saw him


the one that i get a lot is get well soon. its not like i have a flu or anything. its a chronic condition. another that i get is, does the shots hurt? um yes they do but you get use to it. or i could never prick my finger for blood, doesnt that bother you. no it doesnt. so i get a lot of dumb questions and comments


I see this is an old thread but I went searching for stupid things people say. Quite funny actually.

  • Are you allergic to food?
  • They have a cure in China, just Google it.
  • Do you have the bad kind?
  • So when your blood sugar gets low and you pass out I can just inject you with insulin right?
  • Did you eat too much sugar when you were a kid?
  • You don’t look fat!
  • You’re not old enough to get diabetes!
  • Oh I know this guy who had his legs cut off then he died!
  • Brown sugar is great for diabetics because it’s brown and therefore more natural.
  • But you’re in such good shape!
  • Did you know you can only marry someone else who has diabetes?
  • If the females in your family have it then the males are safe.
  • Do you use that to quit smoking? (CGM)
  • There is no T1D in India because they drink green tea. You should drink more green tea!
  • I thought you couldn’t eat meat so I made the lasagna with baked beans instead.
  • Don’t worry, she will grow out of it.
  • Just get a pancreas transplant!
  • I’m right behind you I eat too much sugar too.
  • You eat too much McDonald’s.
  • Go vegan for 4 months and it will restart your pancreas.
  • So do you still take shots for that?
  • My kid has braces so I can sympathize.
  • You’re blood sugar is low? Let me get you a Diet Coke.
  • Is it contagious?


My 16 year old daughter’s friend’s mother suggested that my daughter adopt children so she doesn’t pass it on.