The event happening now about diabetes and hearing loss

Hi Friends,

I haven't tried to access a live videochat before. I'd like to hear the one that's happening now. Can anyone guide as to how to do it?



you go to the home page and wait there
the chat should be active, so join in there, they are always happy to help you.
in the chat emily or another TuD staff member will tell you to refresh your pages, then a window likely to a youtube video appears and you click play.
not that difficult, good luck

marty, it starts at 3:30 PM Pacific time, so you have a couple of hours (6:30 eastern). just stay on the home page, you will neeed to refresh your sesssion when it starts, emily will tell you when. make sure you have your speakers turned on, maybe watch another video here to check that.



Oh, Marie!! Thank you!! I totally lost track of the time difference! I'm east coast.

Thanks for the good suggestion! I'll go watch another video chat beforehand.

Thanks again for the help from both of you!