The Good side of Diabetes

Sounds strange doesn’t it, The good side of diabetes, but for me there is.
I use to be a person with a history of drug abuse. I have had and lost 2 houses and a number of good jobs. After my last time I asked (from above) for help. Well the old saying “Careful what you ask for” is so true in my case. About 2-3 weeks after asking for help, I was so tried, couldn’t drink enough water, etc…, I am sure we all know the story. Well after getting out of the hospital, Bang!!! drug problem solved. Do drugs you die, pretty clear to me.LOL One other note on this, my daughter LOVES her Diabetic Daddy(as she calls me). She tells me all the time I am sooooo much better.
I am now feeling better, lost weight, eat so good and will live longer than before.
The reason for this post is I would like to hear other stories about the positive(hear enough bad). LOL

i just posted this on a different threat but it fits here too …

i’ve been T1 for 50 years and have zero complications. in fact, i’ve never been incapacitated by a high or a low, never had a seizure, never gone to the hospital for a D-related event. i cover the white house for a major newspaper and in my spare time ref college soccer.
so … i’m convinced i’m healthier and better off because of diabetes than if i did not have it. it forces a certain clarity of thinking and proper ordering of priorities. people may find this hard to believe, but it’s true – i’ve never regretted D for a minute. it is what it is; you deal with it and live your life.

No stories to contribute. I have my own dark past but found other paths out of the jungle.

I do want to congratulate you on your recovery. And your positive attitude!

Congratulations on the recovery… Your faith is also commendable. Ive always believed on the saying…“Everything happens for a reason”. Ive had my share of challenges. Like you, I held on to my faith, my family and an inner strength that I realized it has always been there in me all along.

Congrats on the recovery. Diabetes has been good to me, too.

Diagnosed at 47. Quit smoking two years later. Started exercising regularly. Ran two marathons and three half marathons. Keep my doctor appointments. Eat better.

It’s all good. Well, it’s a pain in the ■■■, actually, but it’s still all good.


Thanks a lot for starting this thread. Diabetes led me to an incredible experience of connection with the world, it made me aware of how incredible fragile human bodies and minds are. We go through life sometimes being blind to this and feel we are invulnerable, and that makes us feel closed down and disconnected, we are unable to see that it is all one body and one mind. My life is much much much deeper now, diabetes woke me up.

Kudos on your recovery. Love what your daughter calls you & her support.

My thoughts are similar to what Santiago said so beautifully. I feel a sense of gratitude for being alive that I didn’t have pre-diagnosis.

Thanks Everyone.