The History Of Insulin

This is a three part video about the History of insulin. Parts of it are graphic, showing some diabetics before insulin was discovered. Living skeletons. I wanted to warn you about that. The video takes awhile to get started, so be patient.

That’s a great video, really amazing stuff. I was a history student but never looked into diabetes. Black Death yes. Diabetes no. But I found the video fascinating that they knew the ‘cure’ was in the works and had to wait for it. Somewhere I googled “concentration camp diet” which suggested 600-800 calories/ day while Elizabeth Hughes got by on 400! Yikes!!

Makes me so thankful for insulin!

Great link! Made me cry thinking about all those people who suffered so many years ago and what the life expectancy was. I’m forever grateful to have been born when I was born.

Thank you Richard. Very grateful for Insulin. Wake up call. When I am feeling sorry for myself, I will watch the video.

Me too!

I recently found my copy of 'Banting - A Biography' by Michael Bliss. It's next on my re-reading list. Bliss also wrote a great book called 'The Discovery of Insulin'.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company did a 2 part miniseries based on those two books called 'Glory Enough for All'. A google search should find the miniseries. Although I really liked the Dlife video, the miniseries is superior.

There's also a book about Elizabeth Evans Hughes - I checked it out of the library a few months ago, but I can't remember the name of the book. What a remarkable story.


Phooey, the link won't work for me ;(

It's on YouTube:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thank you Jen!
As read in the Vancouver Sun several days ago ...I posted in the Canadian Group