The Insulin Wars ---- NYT Op-Ed

“So just tell me which is the preferred insulin,” I told the pharmacist briskly.

There was a pause before she replied. “There isn’t one.”


This ^^ certainly unravels the mystery of which parties are behind this outrageous blackmailing of those most vulnerable:

Drug manufacturers, P.B.M.s and insurance companies :rage:

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Each one of which handily has two others on whom it can displace blame for the situation.


No question the doctor is correct. However he left one component out of the issue. Big employers.

You see big employers hire PBM’s to lower costs, and in order to keep big employers (or Plan sponsors) the PBM’s give a small potion of the rebate back. We have to force the system. Not just the manufacturers, PBM’s or big employers. It is a triple issue.

On top of it we then have fellow employees who look at the bottom line of health insurance costs. In virtually every state these rebates have to be used to lower the following years rates for self insured and larger employers. Nothing is easy here. But generics are clearly needed.

Oh if it were only one or two.


I am so glad light is finally starting to be shed on the pbm rebate racket… it’s the scandal of our times. It needs to end.


Kickbacks are illegal in so many other scenarios that it is insane this is not only allowed but legitimized and considered trade secret or whatever silly legal nonsense they use to justify the secrecy on the kickbacks.

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I remember when there were no P.B.M.s nor health insurance companies. Doctors and hospitals adjusted their fees for those unable to pay in full. The system worked. I feel that the health insurance companies, management companies and P.B.M.s are all extraneous and outrageously skim the profits right off the top. And pharmaceuticals are right in there with them. They alternatively bribe and bully the medical profession and have patients jumping through hoops. There is absolutely no oversight! And no one knows what to do about it. It’s a runaway train…

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