The Known Facts About Diabetes

WARNING: This blog is rated "S" for heavy use of sarcasm and irony. This material may offend some readers. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

Here are the principal established facts about diabetes.

1. Diabetes is not the major public health issue that zealots would have us believe it is. Heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness are far more serious problems.

2. Diabetes is not that serious for the individual, either. At least it isn’t cancer.

3. Type 1 is the bad kind of diabetes. Type 2 is the good kind.

4. Diabetics should never eat anything sweet.

5. On the other hand, a diabetic can eat whatever they wish, whenever they wish, as long as they cover it with a sufficient amount of medication. So what's the big deal?!?

6. The one thing a diabetic can absolutely depend on, no matter what, is understanding and support from family and friends.

7. Everything worth knowing about diabetes is available from the ADA and the FDA. If you simply follow their recommendations to the letter, you'll have nothing to worry about.

8. Diabetes makes people inconsiderate of the feelings and needs of others. Example: many diabetics persist in traveling by air despite the tremendous inconvenience their paraphernalia causes the dedicated folks of TSA.

9. Overeating causes obesity and obesity causes Type 2 diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes have no one but themselves to blame. Type 1 diabetes is not the patient’s fault. Type 2 is.

10. Diabetes need not be a financial burden to anyone. If you are having difficulty acquiring supplies, it can only be because you are not willing to meet your insurance company halfway and work with them.

11. Diabetics generally make far too much fuss about the condition. All a diabetic really needs to do is simply take their pills or shots and forget about it.

12. In any case, Type 1 diabetes is sure to be cured within the next five years, at which time the problem will simply cease to exist. Type 2 diabetes can be cured now by just eating the proper diet and taking the right supplements.

Thank you, David, I feel so much better about my diabetes now! Mine is Type 1, the one that is due to be cured in five years. In the meantime, following your suggestions I will eat whatever I want, shoot up, shoot up, shoot up, then forget about it--Ha!

I thought this was all common knowledge?

Hey my type 1 has been cured, it is just that no one has told me yet what the cure is or when I can get it.

Rick, you mean no one has told you where to go?

Thanks David, for that very informative blog. If you have cured your D by eating right, please make sure to play some Bingo:

Brillant!!! And no mention of the banned "C" word either! ♡ It!!

Lloyd I have been told many times where to go. Its just when i get there they dont know about the diabetes cure. They usually know a lot more about minimum sentencing.

Luv ya David!! Straight out of the diabetes bible!

Bingo!!! Thanks Man

WOW! i didn't know!

Ghee Thanks David, You have totally blown my understanding of diabetes out of the water.

And Please Please Please keep what ever knowledge you have about the Easter Bunny to yourself. I don't want to know!!!!!

Sorry, Gary, but some things just have to be said. As Fox Mulder would say . . .


but as Dr. Seuss said in "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

“It's opener, out there, in the wide, open air.”

Bertie, I have a two word answer, "Me Too"