The most promising clinical trial for type 1 diabetes yet


If you know any foundations (or key people in these foundations) that donate to research for type I diabetes please email me directly at
I have looked around for a long time and talked to many prominent endocrinologists. They all told me that this research, which is on stage II now looks to be the most promising.

Thank you

Which study is this?

Most people ask me the same thing… It is called BCG and it takes place in Boston MA. It is different and more promising than the Barbara Davis clinical trial that took place years ago.
Anyway do you know any people in foundations?


R U talking about the Dr.Denise Faustman Clinical Trial that is at Stage II. She has promising work and had to stop some of the research due to lack of funding ( notably not funded by JDRF)?

And as a participant in the trial I am trying to help out. Do you know any foundations? Most people just send me emails or reply to this blog asking me what the research is, pretending they know foundations, only to get the name of the research and then try to participate too…
And then they call pharmaceuticals selfish for trying to block all the various research done over the years. Are these people any different???

Dimitris, Dr. Faustman needs money. I know, because I believe that the body is designed by our Creator to heal itself; that her proven idea to end the auto- immune attack, and thus regrow the beta cells;,will lead to a cure in my 54-year-old, 41-as -a-type- one -diabetic life time… Now about the funding… We need national attention and funds from corporate America. I am sure, if you check her website, you will see where they are in terms of gaining funds and can e-mail the staff there. I have an even talked by phone to a young man in charge of some the fundraising. efforts. I forgot his name, but they are easy to contact, as the telephone numbers are published on the website. I was told that a grass-root campaign could be most effective in engendering support from corporate sponsorships… I am sure they have exhausted all avenues for foundational support and grants…She needs a telethon or even 1/10th of one percent of the profits of a big corporation to continue. Doesn’t she need but about $250,000 to $500,000 to continue? Wish I had ideas for this…

How are you involved? R U involved as a blood donor for the Stage II research?

God Bless