The name of the place rhymes with TGI Friday's

I usually plan before I go out to a restaurant, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever waited until I got to a restaurant to find out carbohydrate counts in the dishes. I also always assume that the wait staff and even the managers and cooks aren’t going to know either - most of the population doesn’t bother with information like that when it comes to eating out. :slight_smile: I don’t blame them, though, I don’t think that they’re required to know.

I’ve gotten fairly good at guessing at dosages - the only places that trip me up these days are Chinese restaurants and as someone else pointed out that is largely due to the variation in the sauces.

Restaurants can wreck havoc on my bgls. For the most part, I don’t trust the carb count information when it is included - I’ve learned the hard way by taking insulin according to the information, then having severe hypos or highs afterwards. Creamed soups often contain a lot of flour or other thickening agents. Salad dressings often contain sugar. I’ve been served regular soda instead of the diet soda I’ve ordered. A tremendous amount of fat is to food in some places.

There are a select few restaurants in my city where I know what to expect and can find healthy menu items - I stick pretty much to those places. I ask for salad dressings and gravies on the side. If given a choice of pasta sauces, will go with a marinara rather than a cream sauce, will go with pasta or roast potatoes or salad instead of fries, or ask for extra vegetables instead, etc. I’ve rarely found that a restaurant isn’t willing to accomodate, and if they are not, they simply don’t get my business.

Almost every place serves WAY too much for one meal - so half or sometimes more of the meal is doggy bagged or shared with my best buddy.


One trick some people use is to buy those glucose testing strips made for urine testing, cut them up (you can get 3 or 4 out of one strip), and dip them into your soda to make sure it isn’t the sugary stuff.

You can also chew up a suspect food for a moment and spit on the strip–the saliva will transform some complex carb to glucose–to see if it has carbs in it.

I suspect you are taking about keto sticks? That’s a good idea, especially with the sodas! I’ll have to give it a try.