Restaurants and Nutrition Menu

Until Yesterday I believed that every restaurant have a nutrition menu book or folder (shows calories, carbs, fat …) for what they offer. Also for some reason I thought that it is required (the law) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or whoever watch these places to have such a thing on hand. But apparently not!!!

Yesterday I went to RedRobin to have dinner and when I asked the waitress about their nutrition menu or cheat book (as what some call it) she answered me, that they don’t have it on hand, but it is on their website!
AAAA I know that, so I need to go back home check there site and calculate my carbs before coming!? Does not make sense!!! SO I asked another one and he direct me to ask my table waitress, which she came by, and I did ask her again and explained that am a D and I need to know the carbs in my food. She said then “I will ask the manager!” When she came back told me that I can order and then they will calculate my carbs count for me.
When I ordered she asked “Do you want the bun? How about the fries?” I said"Ya everything" My friend commented after she left "you should answered her: No you could have them I will just eat a raw meat!"
I did not find it a prob or so, also am always kind to people, no matter what!

“treat everyone the same way that you would like to be treated” My philosophy in life!

I found this on my must-have-bookmarked-on-my-iphone favorite website, Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone. She lists carb counts and weight watcher points for everything. Here’s her page on Red Robin.

You want a shocker though? Check out Calorie Lab’s recent exposure of Cheesecake Factory’s stats. I had no idea that the pasta I ordered there a couple weeks ago had over 170g of carbs. I think I bolused for what I thought was 90 and suffered for the miscalculation for the next 12 hours with insane blood sugars. Good thing I hadn’t ordered any of their famous desserts!

WoW, I was looking at the Cheesecakes and Yikes!!! That is really bad, the are in the 100s range!! Am glad that am not a big fan of theirs cheesecake! I usually love the one that are homemade by my sister or Mom! Lucky me ;o)

Thx, I ordered the “Bruschetta Chicken Burger” which is 54g carbs as what she bought to me on a printed paper, of course they didn’t count the fries!! huh

My favorite thing is when you do download the nutritional info before you go to a chain restaurant and you bolus based on the numbers on the company’s site. And then you end up high as heck for hours because the carb count wasn’t accurate. Or even worse, you go low because the carb count was too high on the site!

Welcome to my world Suzanne!!! lol…I used (well and still) to be in the guessing fight, up and down, some times I guess right while others Na’a !!! ;o)

Think it was good that she asked if you wanted the bun & fries since it showed awareness of foods some PWD don’t eat. I always order burgers without the bun & get a salad instead of fries (& just steal a few fries from my husband’s plate). Really hard to estimate carbs in non-chain restaurants who don’t have nutritional info listed anywhere.

This is why I dont eat at restaurants, plus Im a vegan and almost no restaurants have vegan options.

In Washington all chain restaurants are required by law to have nutritional information available at the place of business. Here when at Red Robin they hand you a cheat sheet with the menu. If you go to this restaurant a lot I would request that they provide such a cheat sheet. The national office has them available. My experience is that they are pretty accurate.