The Raw Foods Diet

I had my first experience with someone I wanted to murder today...because of diabetes.

We had gotten into a discussion about what kind of doctor I want to be and why, and because she works in the pre-med advisement office, I decided to give her the full story.

To my horror, she started naming every diet she'd ever heard of to get me off meds...including the "raw foods diet." And no matter how much I tried to talk sense into her, she wouldn't hear it.

What is wrong with meds? They make it easier for me to live (though the 180 I had yesterday was definitely annoying...and following that, I was 160 after dinner because I didn't have enough insulin left to cover the minimal carbs I had). I mean, even if I wouldn't starve to death eating only veggies and stuff, who would want to?? And I don't think that it would help my BG, unless I didn't eat carbs OR cooked foods.

Why do people think they know everything about a disease they don't live with and can barely define? Why does everyone want to be the one to "cure" T2? If it were that easy, wouldn't we be doing it???

Maybe someday your friend will be able to try those diets to "cure" her own T2.

There is nothing wrong with a raw foods diet, it is just very hard to chew all that raw meat.

I agree...

Most raw followers are vegan, but some choose to consume raw animal products, like raw (unpasteurized) milk, Butter milk, yummy cheese made from raw milk, sashimi, raw fish, and certain kinds of raw meat. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, and nuts, including cashews, sunflower seeds, and raw almond butter; some foods are marked as raw and sold at grocery stores, while others require home-prep. Grains are also OK, as are dried organic legumes (think lentils, chickpeas, adzuki beans, and mung beans) eaten raw. Other common choices include cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil; raw virgin coconut oil; and raw coconut butter. Freshly-squeezed vegetable juice and herbal teas are also staples of the raw diet. I really don't see much wrong with raw food. I cannot eat many raw foods because I have no immune system, and many store bought raw foods are a big risk....Oh and all of these items raise my BG, insulin and activity are the only surefire ways to lower my BG.

I don't know why people do this but the best thing is either just to agree with them or ignore them after politely explaining the facts to them etc. One of my friends told me to watch some guys video on youtube so I could get off insulin, lol. I actually have been thinking about a partially raw vegan diet but I think it may be too high carb for me... I will have to see what I can substitute for meat protein. A woman who was type 1 on youtube got her carb ratio to 1 unit to 60g eating a raw fruit and veggie diet. I eat lots of raw veggies anyway and always have. I have no problem with most of the diets like that but they're not going to cure us obviously.

I just try to ignore people like this. There are people out there that, no matter what you tell them, will just believe their own thing. My parents have recently gotten all into healthy eating and even my mom got bad at one point, telling me that eating X food will help cure my allergies or eating Y will help my diabetes every time she talked to me on the phone. (I feel like telling her I've had allergies and diabetes since I was a kid. I doubt changing my diet is going to have much effect.) I finally had a sort of argument with her about it and she has completely backed off since then. At least she's educated about things like Type 1 and food allergies, though; but there are many people who aren't ... At a job I had once my boss e-mailed me a link about a guy who was able to get off insulin by eating what was likely a raw diet (I can't remember exactly). And I've had complete strangers approach me to suggest cures for my vision problems. Most of these people have no idea what actually causes the condition they are trying to give advice for. In your situation it's a bit disheartening that the person was in a medical-related field, though. Usually I correct them, and if they still insist on not believing me then I just ignore it ...

I know it can be really annoying but anymore I sort of laugh at them. I may even tell them about some outlandish diet that should cure me but didn't (although besides low carb I have never tried any of them). Funniest way to fix diabetes I have ever heard of. Some lady was telling my husband about the "cure" that would fix me up for good, coffee enemas! My husband may eat a lot of crap but he knows what I go through and is very supportive. He is also a loud mouth but even he was so stunned that he was unable to respond (probably a first for him). So now we laugh about how I should just have coffee enemas every day so I don't have to take all those pesky drugs.

When I was first diagnosed with a food allergy, my mother tried to convince me that I could have peanut butter and walnut oil. Apparently it's only the actual nut that causes reactions! (And, by the way, she was an extremely intelligent person. I don't know why she had such a crazy idea.)

HAHA: This made my evening>;!!:So now we laugh about how I should just have coffee enemas every day ...../strong>em> I am sitting in Cup 'o Joe looking at my coffee cup in the table and the coffee grains at the counter in a new way.
I just laugh them off and keep on trucking. Never pays to argue with those who are willfully ignorant and uninformed. It is their choice to believe absurdities and our choice to simply ignore their rants.
God Bless

Not if you slice the carpaccio thinly enough :-)