The SICKO World of Walk-In Healthcare

Here I was, sitting in the lobby of a typical American walk-in-clinic, a byproduct of our disastrous health system, waiting for a good hour or two, until I can be seen for this non-stopping cough.

It is not without irony that I am watching bits and pieces of “SICKO” while I wait. The movie came out on DVD this week and, since I missed a few minutes at the beginning when I went to see it on the theater and it was promoted as coming with 80-some extra minutes of new footage, I pre-ordered my copy last week.

After a $35 co-pay, a 2-hour wait and getting my name butchered when I got called (“Mandil Hernandez!!” or something like that, they said), I was finally ready to go in. It took a bit of explaining the person who received me and took my vitals that I was diabetic and, as a result of whatever it was that I had, I wasn’t been able to keep my sugars down. “So you are throwing everything up?,” she inquired. “No,” I said. “I am diabetic and I have not been able to keep my blood sugars under control, so I suspect I have an infection because I have a non-stopping cough and in the past couple of days, fever and body ache too.” Her next question made me realize it was a bit pointless to explain anything else: “Do you take any medicines for your diabetes?”

After this exchange, I was taken to the room where I waited a little longer, after which the doctor emerged through the door (finally!) to check me out. After asking me a couple of questions and listening to my lungs, he diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection, for which he prescribed an antibiotic and a cough syrup. This interaction with the doctor took no more than 5 minutes… I was finally done.

So I headed to the nearest grocery store (Publix) that also has a pharmacy and discovered something interesting: The Little Clinic, a little pod conveniently situated next to the Publix Pharmacy. Reading about them on their web site I found they’ve been around for a little over 3 years and they seem to conveniently fill in a NEW niche that has emerged: the people who need to be seen for a small problem, but are too busy to wait, even in a Walk-In-Clinic. Go figure! There was NOBODY in line: nobody… I was going to burst in tears.

Anyway: now I know (I think). Unless everyone starts to go The Little Clinic from now on. That will make room for a new concept: The Microscopic Clinic.

In the meantime, I just got started with my antibiotic: I am too busy even to be sick! :smiley:


Hey Manny,

Hope you are feeling better and those Little Clinics are popping up all over Chicagoland, I have yet to try one. Thank goodness, I am not sick that often, except for chronic sinus infections and my internist knows how much I hate coming in and she prescribes an antiobitoc for me over the phone. :slight_smile:

Endos every 3-4 months is too much for me. :slight_smile:



Hope you get over the cough real fast!!!

Well, it wasn’t blood sugars I was coughing… :stuck_out_tongue:

U are too funny, Judith!

THX for the good wishes, Jenny.

I hope the antibiotic kicks in quick.

Lol - rofl at ‘are you taking any medicin for your diabetes’. I’m new to your site manny, as of today, and i just want to say the same as everyone else probably already has - ‘thank you’. I live in the uk, where things like this are very rare, so its nice to have finally found a place of refuge for my frustrations with my diabetes! I will definately be spreading word of this site around the uk to anyone i know, hopefully this will also instigate someone to start something for us over here to! :frowning: i mean… diabetes month? i didnt even know one existed.

aki x

Too bad you couldn’t ask the nurse, "Do you take any medications for your stupidity?’’

Get well soon, Manny.

I hate those walk-in clinics… If I get sick, I just go to my Family Doc… They get me in that day but I might have to see the Nurse that not a doc but work under them… Get Well Manny!

I went to our local walk in clinic here one day. It isn’t to bad, for the most part the Doctor’s there are decent. I got this one doctor and I told her I had a UTI, which I did after she did the urine specimin and she proceeded to give me an antibiotic I had never heard of before. I went and got it filled, came home and did some research on it since I had never heard of it. And the reason I had never heard of it is because the FDA was in the process of investigating it because it had killed so many diabetics. So I paged my regular Doctor, told him and he told me under no circumstances to even touch the drug (LOL) and he called me in a different medication. Ok now on my chart at the walk in clinic it said I was diabetic and was on 3 insulins. And the doctor asked me if I was diabetic. I was like come on, don’t you read or listen to anything. Needless to say this doctor has since been fired since I reported her to the medical board as well as the manager at the clinic.

I want to borrow it, too. A variation might be, “Have you found exercise to help control your stupidity?” (I am a T1.)

Hope you are feeling better, Manli Man.

I am doing better… coughing up a lung here and there, but overall, better! :smiley:

THX for the good wishes.

And Gretchen:
I wish I had thought of that to tell the nurse when she asked me! :slight_smile:

Hope you’re feeling much better now, Manny!!

Hey Manny,

I’ve had the same cough for about a month and went to see my endo yeaterday and got about the same bull going on! But one thing he did tell me was to not talk so much and lay around and thke this anibiotic that put me in the hospital last yime! Oh well I hope you get to feeling better soon! That stupid cough and throwing up EVERYTHING you eat or sometimes just look at and start throwing up is an awful way to feel!