The site of sticking yourself

I’ve heard that the thigh is better than the stomach, is this true? Also sometimes I feel as if the insulin stays right where I stick it, like it makes a hard sorta lump and doesn’t disperse. Does this happen to anybody else and what do you do?

Typically, a person gets the best insulin absorption in the abdominal area – roughly below the rib cage to below the belly button, but 2-3 inches away from the belly button.

If you inject too often in the same place, scar tissue can build up that prevents the insulin from absorbing well. So some people use other parts of the body–thigh, buttocks, backs of arms–and have great results. Rotating the sites is key.

That hard lump you feel may be pooling insulin. Some people lightly stroke or massage the skin around the injection site to “move” some of the insulin.

People react differently to different types of insulin, different injection sites, different gauges (thicknesses) of syringe/pen needles, and different needle lengths. Do you have a doctor, pharmacist, or diabetes educator who can discuss these issues and help you find solutions?

i’ve been told the closer to your “main core” the better. i can’t take injections in my stomach though. it hurts me like you wouldn’t even believe!! i usually have a reaction to the insulin because i have sensitive skin. i’ve also been blessed with a fairly fat free tummy (just don’t look at my thighs haha) and i don’t have much fat to inject into. :frowning:

Hi Kelly,
I do have a dr and a nurse educator but it’s so hard to get them. The nurse isn’t there all the time and the dr gives her all his calls. So I lean on tudiabetes. Thanks for the info. I dont’ think I’m changing sites enough.

At first I was injecting int he thigh area, and I too have mostly muscle there. But thats what I was told. When somebody else told me the stomach was better I tried and like it much better. But now I heard from a different source that the thigh was better. I’m glad to be getting confirmation on the belly.

Sometimes it really hurts me too!!! I find that if I grab the “inch”, and just lay the needle point on the skin and grab the skin into the needle it doesn’t hurt as much. I hope you understand what I mean. I have no fat on my thigh!!
Thanks, Amy:)

I only inject in my stomach, have for 16 yrs. I have tried my arms and hip area before, didn’t work for me. My mom injected into her butt…said she was hoping it would “Plump” it up for her! She was a trooper!

The bump yes…
but its also because of how u stick yourself
it has to go straight not slided to n-e side…
well thats what my doctor told me.
About the thigh and the stomach…
im used to my arms…so cant say it works better than the other.