The thoughts of a fisherwoman

Last sunday, I was angling, not far from Lyon, on the bank of a big river. I bought my licence to fish a few months ago, I went for angling or fishing and always the same old story: no fish? Where are they? I put one of my hooks in my finger, what a great pain! So I was waiting for a fish and I was thinking near the river about tudiabetes. Yes! I was telling me that for the first time in all my diabetic life some great people, or great friends, told me about counting carbs. In the same week I bought an American book about counting carbs (I’m still waiting for it, but it will come in a very few days). No need to tell there’s no french book about this so important thing for us… Tuesday I called my endo to explain that I discovered counting carbs and… she told me that a month ago she learnt about this … where am I? Maybe not on the same planet where my diabetics friends are. So I was very sad about this fact, the canyon between the old world and the new world, the same that sent men on the moon. The river was big and it was rainning, always no fish and I was searching why , a reason. Maybe because there are only 140 000 type 1 in my country.
Later when I was in my home I thought about all I learnt in a few weeks with tudiabetes and next september it will be my 41 year of diabète. And by the way, do you know how I can catch a trout?