How Many People Do You Know With Diabetes Offline?

Before I joined any of the online diabetes communities I only knew a few people with diabetes in my personal life and most of them were either from High School or much older than I am. So, I was wondering how many people do you know offline that have diabetes? And, I’m curious what community/city/town you live in?


Oh no! I don’t know any type-1 diabetics off-line :-(. I was diagnosed as an adult…LADA, I guess. Every diabetic I know or know of is a type-2.

One Type 1 friend. I’m Type 1. We never got to be D buddies because I was diagnosed after he moved to another state. A good friend’s husband is Type 2. That’s it. I live in southwestern VA.

I work in The IT Dept of a small local hospital and there are only four of us. My office mate is a T1…It sure makes it easier for us both lol

I just know me…I am the sicky in the family…My mom had diabetes and she passed away due to complications of diabetes 11 years ago… So when i found this site i have finally found others like me…yay
I joined in July but i have already made some great friends…some of meet on facebook and play all those games an are neighbors in the games too…so much fun, I live in San Antonio TX…

Hmmm…aside from some aunts, uncles, and cousins… I know about 4 non-relative friends offline, Thats in Oklahoma and Manila (home city Philippines)

I know several, one is a mom at school, others are in my type 1 women support group. I’m in the STL area

There are a couple Type 1s in my community who are much younger…high school age. I know none my age. Obviously in seeking out a support group I met a bunch…but I don’t think that “counts” since I was looking for diabetics in my area with the specific intention of meeting some! I’m from NYC area.

My experience mirrors the stats: I know one other person with type 1 and about 20 with type 2!

But growing up, I was the only type 1 for many years (not counting diabetes camp), until I hit college and met two other women with type 1.

The only people I know (even with type 2) are random strangers who either saw my pump or saw me testing and said something (e.g…my daughter was thinking about getting a pump, how is it working for you?) I live in Arlington and work in DC…in a building with several thousand people… however I only really interact with about 12 people on a regular basis and for the most part we’re not that open… I have seen people in my work building or on the metro though wearing pumps… so I know they’re out there…but I don’t know them personally…
I also didn’t stay in contact with people I had met either at camp or weekend retreats as kid/teen…but now I wish I had…because one of the best things that happened to me, especially in terms of taking better care of myself, is “meeting” people here :slight_smile: something as simple as knowing that there are so many other people that have a face/profile pic, a voice, and aren’t just part of a statistic that test regularly has really motivated me to test more frequently :slight_smile:

This is hard for me to answer …TOO many : I have been involved with the CDA for over 26 years , led support groups ( type 2 ) in the Vancouver , BC area and here in the Shuswap , interior of BC ( type 2 and insulin pumpers , type 1 ) , am involved with a group of retirees ( not diabetes related ) and several have type 2 diabetes . I have met several people from the Netherlands, type 1 , I participate with Team Diabetes Canada and have met walkers and runners , type 1 and type 2 ,…does all this counts ?? Have close friends, who have type 2 , my sibling has type 2 , family members who have passed on .
And then I met Anna Kiff ( TU member ) from Montreal in Montreal October 22 at the IDF Congress…hope this one counts, ha, ha !!!

As a kid I knew no one…except those that I met at diabetes camp. Then, at 25 (ya many moons ago) a long lost friend called me up to tell me he had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 7 years later, another long lost friend calls me up to tell me she has type 1 diabetes. Finally my brother, in 2000 was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I now tell my friends to watch out cause they just may get diabetes if they hang with ME!! LOL

Other than that, my cousin has type 2, his child type 1. Genetics anybody???

An interesting question. I was diagnosed as LADA the same week that a friend/neighbor’s 8 year old daughter was diagnosed as type 1. That really put my diagnosis in the proper perspective, since she will have had diabetes for 34 years by the time she gets to my age as a newbie. She is my diabetes little buddy, and when we’ve got together for meals or camping trips we’ve counted carbs, tested our glucose, and taken our shots together. I think it helps her to know someone else that she knew before has to do all of that stuff too.

Other than that, the only other diabetics I know and see regularly are type 2s.

I live in Bend, Oregon, and the last time I looked there wasn’t anybody else from this town of 80,000 on tudiabetes.

I don’t line up the stats AT ALL! I grew up in a small community in Oklahoma of about 5-6,000 people. In the four years that I went to high school (I was dx as a freshman) I went to school with 12 other T1s. It was amazing. Back then ('74) diet drinks weren’t available outside of grocery stores. So our parents would set up a stand at ballgames, the county fair, etc. so all of could have sugar free soda if we wanted it. Our parents formed a support group and brought in speakers, etc. I don’t remember going to the meetings as a kid but I do remember a couple of the moms taking several of us to Tulsa to an educational program for kids with D. Several of us would also go to Camp Sweeney in Texas together.

I also have all of my camp friends that I know. My two bridesmaids were from Camp Sweeney. I have always been in contact with my camp friends. Several camp friends have passed away.

As an adult I have facilitated a support group for over 20 years. Most of these are T2 with a few T1s through the years. I’ve also done volunteer work for ADA and have met several that route.

I live in an even small community as an adult and there are two young T1s in town and a few adult T1s. The town is less than 1,000.

My diabetic life has always been enriched with the friendships of others with D. I’m thankful I don’t know what it would feel like to feel alone with this disease.

I only know my father-in-law who is Type 2. The only other person in my family with it is my Mom’s cousin whom I’ve never met. As a kid, I remember one other diabetic in my religion classes at my Dad’s church, but we were never friends and didn’t go to the same school outside of church. I’ve always wished there were other T1s my age to comiserate with, so finding the online community has been wonderful!
I live in Chicago.

I only know of 2. One is an uncle in Minnesota (T2) and another is my girlfriends father (T1) half a world away. I was diagnosed at 20 and didn’t know any PWD in college. I live in the NYC area now and still have yet to meet any here. Ah well perhaps one day!

Wow a womens support group in the STL area!!! Oh please say I can come along once, I’m a 2.5year Type 1 age 40 and all I know are a few type 1 patients ( I’m a dental hygienist) and my mom just this fall was DX type 2. Robin

2 type 1 and about 12 type 2, and 1 type freak (that would be me,looking like it’s type2 but not yet confirmed)

I know one in particular… a good friend, my neighbor and he is a year older than me, Type 1 since he was a baby.
There are also people I know of with Type 2 and who are borderline diabetic.

I once saw a guy on a DC metro with pump tubing hanging out of his pocket. I almost said something, but decided he might think I was making a creepy come-on.

Maybe this post should help all of us decide to wear signage on Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 (or at least the color blue) to celebrate World Diabetes Day and show our numbers!