The word "diabetes"

Maybe I’m just a little burnt out on diabetes talk, or something, but what I’m more burnt out on anything is the word diabetes. How many times a day do you think you say or write the word “diabetes.” I feel like I might be up to 50 or 70 times a day sometimes because of my work within diabetes. I don’t even LIKE the word! I actually did a little research to see where it came from…and it literally was derived from the latin word for “passing thru” because when people were first developing diabetes, they were “passing excessive amounts of urine.”

Our disease literally got its name from the fact that when our blood sugars are really out whack, we have to pee a lot.

I might try to keep track one day of how many times I say or write the word, “diabetes”…what do you think your total might be?

Most days none, other days in every sentence when I am having one of those days of unexplained lows or highs and nothing I do corrects the problem!

You have to realize, it’s only been in the past 10 or 20 years that the official diagnostic criteria for diabetes moved from being urine-based (glucose in urine or just total amount of urine passed) to being blood-test based. I know that I, for example, was diagnosed without a blood test at all.

For those of diagnosed in the “old days” without a doubt, frequent urination and accompanying thirst was the early symptom. And urine testing was the best we had for a long time at home until around 30 years or so ago. When I was first diagnosed I would get a bg test at the local hospital every month or two and my doc would call me back in the following week with the result.

For what it’s worth I never did like the word either, but I guess I’m stuck with it. Number of times depends on how active I am here, I’ll bet half my posts contain it.

On the bright side, I can type it really fast now, and hardly ever make a typo:)

And also very rapid weight loss, without trying - 40 lbs one month prior to Dx, that I didn’t need to lose. It should have been named uribetes, or peeabetes.



My total = probably more than all the totals combined, from everyone that posts/will post, within this thread.


I’m not thinking (consciously or unconsciously) of the word all that often. Far more often I’m thinking “insulin” or “bg test”.

And in my web browser I don’t even have to type in the whole name of this website. I just start with “tu” and the browser will autocomplete the rest so I never have to type it :slight_smile:

I think “Disease X” would sound more bad-■■■. Then we could be X1 (w00t, Chuck Yeager!), X2, etc.

Don’t forget the honey!
Mellitus is latin for “sweetened with honey” or some as such. Why my girlfriends likes me so much :wink:

Also, I ready somewhere, that the term was mentioned in old literature and described those who walked crouched. THAT’s how much the poor bastards had to pee! My grand fathers professor back in the 30’s had diabetes. Lasted quite long for having it!

In the Autistic community, they refer to people that don’t have Autism as “Neurotypical”. I think it is time to turn things around and to instead talk about non-diabetics as “Glucotypical.”

Round these parts, diabetes is the “New Normal.”

I can’t believe this thread has made it this far without this:

“these are my testing supplies”

Yes! Hahahaha I was about to post one of these videos. I laugh SO hard every time he says, “these are my testing supplies”. In honor of Wilford, I like to say “the beetus” rather than diabetes to switch it up sometimes. =)

in my web browser I don't even have to type in the whole name of this website. I just start with "tu" and the browser will autocomplete the rest

Me too!
I used the word diabetes 3 times today (including just now)…twice at cheerleading practice when explaining why I have to wear a “sweet n sour sauce packet” (Omnipod - my returners remembered I call my insulin: sweet n sour sauce lol) on my abdomen (the look of sheer joy from the one girl on the team when she realized her coach was in the same boat as her was heartwarming) and just now when I wrote it. I honestly don’t use it much. Mostly insulin for those not in the know about the sweet n sour sauce thing, and “test”…always “test.” Constantly, all day…saying it, thinking it, doing it.

I don’t know what my total is… it varies by day, depending on whether it’s a good control day or a bad control day. Either way, the word is at least whitenoise in the back of my head.

I also don’t like the word, but that’s because it describes a disease that I have. The disease could be named anything, and I wouldn’t like that word.

I do wish though, that they would have named type 1 and type 2 two different things. The two diseases are different in many ways. No offense to any type 2s on this site… but I work with a couple of women who are type 2 and they ask me things like why I don’t take this pill or that pill, and make comments about how I must have it “bad” because I take insulin.