So I have found that calling my condition “Livabetes” instead of Diabetes makes it a little easier to deal with. Everyone who finds out i am Diabetic seems to always have pitty on me. I am sick of people throwing pitty my way. So now when people ask if i am diabetic, I proudly tell them “Yes I have Livabetes!” The look goes from sadness to happy and I don’t get stuck in the darkness of depression. Weird that it can do that for me, but it does and I thought I would share :smiley:

Ahah Aaron buddy you bring up something I thought about when I first became a diabetic 13 or so years ago, Livabetes always sounded better then DIE!-abetes … just rolls off the tongue better oh doesn’t make it seem like I will die any min. Great post.

Great new name. Diabetes definitely needs a revision. I thought it was a Stupid word when I was a Kid. Bad enough I wasn’t expected to live past the age of 30ish but the name of my disease proclaimed that assumption to everyone. Not many looked up the word, so of course they thought it was spelled Diebetes. Why didn’t they choose “extreme thirst” to name the disease/condition instead? It has to sound Better in Greek. Good for you. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

What an ingenious, powerful and hopeful term: “Livabetes!”… I think I will use it and give kudos to you when I talk about diabetes to others. I always lead other diabetics to the D.O.C, Tudiabetes in particular I love the encouraging, positive feedback and vital info that I receive. And telling them that this websitre allowed me to learn this term may motivate them even more.

Thanks so much , Aaron.

God bless,

Hrmmm… υπερβολική δίψα is excessive thirst in greek. And nimium siti in latin, which is where most scientific names come from. I can’t really think of any cool names from the latin form though. “Yeah, the doctor told me I have nimiumitis.” Doesn’t have the same feel, though it sounds funnier i reckon. Nimi! nimmy! nimmy! Sorry, i got nothing…

It wasn't until I was found 13 hours after I remember going to eat cereal one morning, that I came up with this term. Up until that point in time, I was in hard core denial and very depressed about my pancreatic situation. After the EMT's brought me back from what they tested at 13 mg/dl after squeezing an iv bag full of glucose syrum into my viens, I decided life was worth living and I wasn't going to let this Disease of Diabetes be my downfall. So I decided to take control of my Livabetes and be as happy as I could be for what I have left in this life, instead of being down and sad for the remainder.

I shun pity and get into people with education. I talk about D, tell people how to "see" a low and help. It often does not really solve problems for me, but when they see the results of low BG, they remember. Someone else will benefit from the education.

I love the term, but no one without D will ever understand. I stand on the NO pity rule. Makes my life better.

I like the Greek roots of the word. Maybe nothing else but the lengthy history of the disease as a death sentence fascinates me.

How do we tell the difference between pity and simply horrible sadness, empathy KNOWING the challenges, problems we do face? Many cannot understand and have ideas based on mistaken beliefs. Others are stuck with the knowledge they have encountered first hand, with/from the diabetics in their lives. They have fear. Is that the same as pity?

I can LIVE with a great white shark in my tank, but that does not mean I will ever trust it, nor turn my back on it willingly. I live with it respect it to the best of my abilities but "we" will never be friends... this creature will kill given any chance. Even watched, it will make the attempt again and again.

it cares nothing for our vigilence.

And this is why I call it Livabetes. :D