They approved

OMG! BCBS through GM just approved my Omnipod AND Dexcom. Since they were following medicare guidelinges neither were approved. They apparently have made changes to their policy… YEAAA!

So their “not” following Medicare guidelines anymore?

OHHHH, that’s wonderful!!! I LOVE to hear that insurance is taking care of someone!!! Great news!!! :slight_smile:

I have no clue. I know the were in discussions and made changes bu don’t have a clue what was changed or how much. Maybe they just got some exceptions to the rule.

I was hoping that maybe medicare had woke up and started smelling the coffee. But whatever the reason I’m glad you started getting what you need.

Will soon be seeking approved for the Dexcom too with BCBS. We were covered 100% for the Omnipod 8 months ago for my son, love it! Are you getting the Omnipod with Dexcom intergration? We have been anxiously waiting for it to roll out, same with the smaller pods, in fact I was going to call Omnipod today for an update.

I wouldn’t bother with getting updates. The FDA is slow plain and simple. I imagine when it does get approved and they go to small Pods/integrate with Dexcom you will hear about it on this site. I wouldn’t expect anything until at least the 3 quarter of this year and that is likely generous. But my guess is the same as any other. Just a guess and pure speculation.

Congrats! Our BCBS plan approved the Omnipod but initially denied me for a Dexcom. Sent them a nasty appeal letter and they changed their mind:P Took about a month.

Wow, that’s rare for an Insurance company to “change their mind”. I tried everything to get them to honor their first decision to cover OmniPod 100% after one year on it. They simply said a mistake was made and they’ll only cover 50%. If I had known that from the beginning I never would have considered a pump.

Congrats! I got my omnipod last month and am in the midst of the the Dexcom battle :slight_smile: Good luck!

Just ordered my 3mos supply. The smaller pods have not yet received FDA approval. :o(

The change was made largely because of some good people that work for HR at GM and also a good person working for BCBS. This was a new contract, and the changes became effective Feb. 1. Not too bad and none of us even had to file an appeal. Contacting HR was the ticket to get someone to listen. It is effective for salaried employees and retirees, but only on an individual basis. I am so pleased for everyone!

Unbelievably great news! Life is good (or as good as it can be with T1).

Smaller pods?

Rumor has it that Insulet is working on a smaller pod and also combining the CGM but no one is giving a time frame so it could be awhile.

According to the Q4 earnings call that took place yesterday, Insulet completed a clinical trial using the new pod and hopes to submit it to FDA by Q2 to receive approval by Q3. I’m guessing they’ll be out by the end of the year. 30% smaller and 25% lighter. Regarding integration with Dexcom, they hope to submit to FDA in the 1st half of 2012, so 'm guessing we won’t see it for a year or more. They have decided it will use the new pods and Dexcom’s upcoming Gen4 sensor.