Newly Approved

I went to the Endo on Tuesday for the first time. We discussed the OmniPod. He agreed that I needed to go on the insulin pump. He gave me the OmniPod info and said all I needed to do was call them to get started. I called them on Wed. and sent them my patient info. Today they called me back and said I was approved for the OmniPod and that my insurance would cover 80% after my $300 deductible. I was very pleased with this info and have order the starter kit. Now I just have to wait for it to get here then setup a training session at my doctors.

steve…I am curious. What insurance company covers you??

Yay! Congratulations! You must have a pretty progressive endo - actually recommending the Omnipod. My son’s was fine about it but admitted she didn’t know anything about it! It has been life changing for him, I hope everything goes well for you!

Hey Steve, I have been using the pod for about a month now and just love it. I’m still getting things figured out, but already my bg numbers are more stable and I feel so much better. Welcome. This group has been very helpful to me, they really know their stuff.


I am also new to the Omnipod, having just started 3 weeks ago. I love it already! I was just diagnosed in January and began doing 4 shots per day. I was really excited about the thought of not being tied to my insulin pens. My numbers have been really good also. I was reading about others experiencing lows, so I was concerned about that, but so far so good… Good luck

Aetna. I am a retired teacher and my insurance is with TRS.

Actually my regular doctor has been telling me for quite some time that I should go on an insulin pump. I never liked the idea. After my last blood test he brought it up again. I did not like the concept of being tied to the plastic hose. I told him I would do some research. That is when I found out about the OmniPod. So actually when I went to the Endo, I told him I want to go on the OmniPod.

My OmniPod is my savior! Once you learn how to operate it (which isn’t hard), explore the “Food” data. It’s a library of ALL foods and their nutritional values… carbs, sugar, protein, calories, fat content, etc. I think EVERYONE should have this information so people can make better food choices.

OmniPod is really life changing. It will take a little while for you and your Doctor to perfect your numbers but once everything is in place and you utilize it correctly, you’ll be thrilled. Congratulations and best of luck!

I was approved for the Omnipod a couple of weeks ago and my appointment with the CDE for training is on the 19th. I’ve been on a pump for the last 10 years so the training shouldnt be too rough. I’m sure there are differences but my CDE will make sure I know what I am doing before I get started. I am really looking forward to the new pump. Waiting for the 19th to come around is killing me. Its like a kid and christmas! lol

I’m excited for you and I was that excited also to get my first OmniPod and I’m still loving it!


My OmniPod Starter kit with 4 boxes of pods will be here on Friday. Now I just need an appointment with my Endo for training and I will be ready to start.

That’s fantastic. It will take a couple of weeks to get it right but it will be WELL worth it. I never used a pump before Omnipod so I had to record everything I ate and the amount of carbs. Actually I lost about 10 UNWANTED lbs by doing that so I was a happy camper.

It’s SO life changing and I wish you all the luck. Let us know how it goes.