Things are going better since I found this site

I was diagnosed in November of 2010. I read everything I could find about the disease, looked stuff up online, asked my doctor questions…everything I could to educate myself. I was overwhelmed to say the least, scared to death to say the most. It was also irritating that I couldn’t get the people closest to me to understand what I was dealing with. I think sometimes because diabetes is a “common” disease, people brush it off like it’s not serious, they think “oh, you take a pill or a shot, and then you can eat whatever you want” It’s hard to combat that way of thinking.

I had to meet a friend to pick up a book, she wanted to meet at my favorite coffee shop. I said, please, don’t make me go in there, I cannot be around those sweets right now, and I can’t have my coffee the way I used to drink it…it will be torture. She insisted “You can have tea with splenda” so, I went because I can’t hide forever I thought. it was awful watching everyone including my friend scarf down sweets I knew I could never have (in the quantities I used to) again. I was furious at her for not being understanding, and she still doesn’t get it.

I have some friends that I lunch with at work who suffer from the same affliction. Sometimes I have to go a little earlier, or can’t eat where they want to because there aren’t enough low carb options for me. They get aggravated with me when they stop by my office and I’ve already left for lunch. “You could have waited 30 minutes” they say. How can I convince them that, no, I couldn’t have waited another 5 minutes…

Every aspect of my life was affected by diabetes, and I didn’t seem to be finding the support I needed. Until I found this site! Within 2 weeks, my workouts had improved because other people with this illness helped me figure out how to better control the lows in my Athletic Diabetics group. I have hope that my husband and I will have a child because of the success stories I read in my “Oh Baby!” group. Embarrassing “woman” concerns/questions are answered in my women with diabetes group.

Most importantly, I don’t feel alone because you are all going through the same things I do, and that is by far the best thing!!

so thanks to everyone on this site- you make my life easier!

Sweetie, I had 4 beautiful children and I was Type 1, and you just have to make up your mind its your Diabetes and you the one in charge:) AND people will learn to understand and be proud of you for doing that. Not everyone will care and not everyone will give up stuff because you have to. I guess I have learned to have in the deepest of my heart, " that sweet garb is bad for me, my Diabetes and its bad for them" if they choose than they have to learn on there own. Be proud of yourself and how hard your trying.
I guess for some they find a NOT FAIR when it comes to eating sweets. But there are many Low carb deserts out there, and make them for you at home.

When you go to A Coffee place, make a Princess coffee, coffee, SF syrups and Sweet n low and cream:) add in some cinnamon, and enjoy it:) I do this and I could care less the others are drinking a 900 calorie drink with 100 grams of sugar. I just think HAHA, I am taking care of me:) and enjoying my Princess Coffee:)

Don’t feel alone, be a example, lift your self up with kind words and don’t bring yourself down with Negitive words. Your dream is to have children and Little Mamma to be some day, you need to heal your body and make a nesting spot for your baby a Healthy one:)

You will have children, so dream:) Debbie

I am so glad that you feel this site has contributed in any measure to your positive attitude about your D. We all do understand how you feel and are glad when a member can successfully lead their life because of the support they have gotten on TuD.


I like the idea of “Princess Coffee” that is too cute! At the time that the coffee house incident happened, I had only “had” diabetes for about a week, so I was new to the artificial sweetener thing and desperately missing sugar. That’s why it killed me to sit there. I have since developed your philosophy of “I’m taking care of me”

thank you for your kind and caring comments!