Glad i found this site

well, as some of you may know already (but for those who dont, let me say again), ive had diabetes type 1 since i was 9. im now 18 yrs old. as most have experienced and some are experiencing, when i was first diagnosed i was the only one in my family and the only one of my friends to have diabetes. 9 years later, the same still goes. when i was younger i was in a support group but didnt like it since i was the only one younger than 13 years old. i had noone to relate to, and since most adults and kids didnt understand what i was going through, i couldnt really express myself about how i felt. ever since, i had always thought to myself if there ever was a site where other betics could join together, get to know each other, share experiences. yesterday, i was elated to find this site. im glad i was able to find it and glad i could become a part of this community.

We are glad you are here too, Arturo. I was diagnosed in 1970 at age 7 (yea, I know, I’m old and often cranky). I literally had no support anywhere like this until I came here 6mos ago. I went thru D alone, figuring out what I could, talking to docs with what I couldn’t

I actually smile at times when D is mentioned…but I am old and may have it confused with something else


Similar story, Arturo. And sometimes I’m as cranky as Scott (though not certainly not as OLD). I was diagnosed at age 10 (1990). I discovered TuDiabetes a year ago and it has changed the way I view everything! Welcome to the community!

ouch, Melissa, ouch


Welcome and I am glad I found this site as well. I have learned so very much in a short amount of time, everyone here are so friendly and helpful. I have always felt alone and it is sure nice to “relate” to others with this darn D.