Things that make you go "hhmmmmmmm?"

Ok… so… I read on a website somewhere that T2’s cannot get hypos.( unless they take insulin)

This website said that T2’s only get false hypos. And that we should NOT treat it, as it will work itself out eventually.

So yesterday, Before I left the house with my family, to run some errands, I had my big bowl of fiber and berries for breakfast.

After going to the bank I was to meet up with my family at a restaurant and we would then go do some shopping together.

The errand only took about 15 mins. and my BG was 11.1 mmol so when I went to the restuarant I didnt want to eat for two reasons…

  1. Because 11.1 is just a little high
  2. I had just eaten not even an hour before so I wasnt hungry.

    Went shopping… all was well, felt good and when I got to the checkout… I started to feel funny, and started to shake a little and my heart was racing. I looked at the time and it was 3pm. ( wow time flies when your having fun!) So I had gone without food for only 3and a half hours.

    I told my mom while we were paying for our stuff that I think I need to eat something. By the time we got to the car I was shaking really bad and felt like I was going to pass out soon, sick to my stomach, couldnt think straight, my knees felt like they were jello.( I tested 4.2mmol) I didnt even think to treat other than with food. Mom asked me if I had glucose tabs in my purse, so I checked but there was only one left and it takes 3 to treat.

    I ate it anyway and we went and got a burger at A&W. By that time I was shaking so bad I could barely hold the burger up to my mouth!!!

    I wolfed it down like there was no tomorrow, tested 15 mins later and I was back up to 6.2mmol.

    I learned 2 things yesterday.

  3. That person who said T2’s dont get real hypos … is full of crap!
  4. I replentished my “hypo kit” and now have it in my purse.

    My hypo kit… which is unique to me… consists of:

    1 Glucerna drink

    1 glucerna bar

    1 bottle of glucose liquid

    1 container of glucose tabs. ( this one is full!)

    I have no doubt in my mind, that if I had NOT treated myself, I would have passed out cold. ( it has happend before I knew I was diabetic)

    Any thoughts?? Comments???

I have never heard that type 2’s can’t go hypo, that is nonsense…even a healthy person with no diabtes can have lows.

I don’t know the numbers your showing, I guess your living outside of the US, right?
How low is a 4.2, I haven’t a clue.

But lessons learned, know your body and packing a kit is a smart thing to do. I should learn this lesson. To often I get low and have nothing. its Scary…

Yes Hismouse I live in Canada. So the numbers are a bit different.
It is a general recoomendation that we keep our numbers between 4 and 7 before meals, and between 5 and 10 2 hours after.

Now at 4.2… it is still within the perameter of the recommended level, however, NOTHING about me or my D is "normal"
I would guess that the reason I felt hypo at that level is because I actually have a fairly fast metabolism, so when I walk around or excersize, I can drop really quickly, and according to my body… it doesnt like that very much.

When I go to the gym… it doesnt seem to matter how “high” I am to begin with… after 1 hour of just plain cardio, I will drop into the high 3’s or low 4’s.
The only thing I can do to not drop like a fly, is to drink a “glucerna” while I am working out and that seems to keep my levels at around 5 or 6 which is good.

But 4.2 isn’t hypo? That’s 75 and not a number I would normally treat, and I am a T1.

Medically, hypo is <3.3 or 60…

Hi sarah… no 4.2 is not hypo… for most people. If you re read my post it says that 4.2 is within recommended range.
How ever it is only a guideline, and based on results … hypo for me.
None of my numbers have made any sense to anyone, including my care team. My last A1c was 6.3 so I must be doing something right!

I am often much lower after eating than before…which is also strange… but I am consistant so I guess thats just the way my body is… and… 4.2 or lower is not a good thing…for me.

don’t believe everything you read on the internet. yeah I’ve had some good hypos (without the help of insulin) and defintiely would not sit around to see if they got better