Think I need more help


I have been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years. Age 59. Pumping 9 months, Minimed 722 and CGM. Possible gastroperisis. I don't wish to burden you with additional information. We hope you can offer information or point us in the right direction.

The Diabetic Center in central Illinois got me started on the pump. I am a very difficult case and I think I am a bit too challenging for them. My wife and I are thinking of switching Dr. who is more up to the challenge.

Who do you see in central Illinois that you are happy with? Have you ever heard of anyone going to Chicago? Any advice?

Thank You,

Sid Partridge

I’m sorry Sid, but I’m in the NorthEast. I’m also looking for a more supportive doctor. One who is willing to experiment different insulin therapy with me. Type 1 for 11 years now. Age 25.

I’m also using CGM Dexcom 7+. Finding it’s making me a little paranoid (it’s become like an obsessive compulsive habit to check every ten minutes to see “where I’m at”) haha.

I had the MM 722 as well. It is trying and takes a lot of work, but once you get the hang of the pump, it really does teach you a LOT about how your body functions- for example, on the pump, I learned that my natural sleep rhythms makes my BG drop between midnight and 3am. Therefore, on the pump, I could have it dose out 1.0 units per hour from 6am through midnight. Then drop down to 0.4 units per hour from midnight to 3am. Then, go up to 0.8 units per hour from 3am through 6am and then repeat.

now that I’m back on MDI (injections), I know how my body functions better and I can decide what kinds of foods I should eat before bed that will stay in my system for a while and keep me from dropping during sleep. All thanks to the pump! I also fine tuned my carb: insulin ratio while on the pump.

It’s hard to find a doctor who has an open mind. They are usually so “by the book” that they lose their “Human Factor”. And they forget that every single type 1 diabetic is different- emotionally, physically, and genetically.

For example, it may take me 5 hours to break down a piece of wheat bread (showing spikes in my BG [blood glucose] levels 5 hours after I’ve eaten it) while it may take you 2 hours to break down the same piece of wheat bread.

Humalog may last 6 hours in me while Humalog might only last for 1 hour in you.

Doctors need to remember to take everything on a case by case basis. Those kinds of doctors are few and far between.

Sorry I can’t help you in your quest in Illinois, but just wanted to stop in and say hi ["Hi!} and congratulate you on taking that step forward to have a better diabetes life.

Have you tried endos at the Carle Clinic in Champaign? They might be up to date, and there may be some young ones, there, too. You might try interviewing them.

Hello Marps,
Thank you so much for your reply. LOL, I am defenitely possesed by my pump. Seems like everytime I have a hic-up, burp or fart, I have to look at the pump! I am trying to brrrrrrreak this habit. Oh well, there are worse things to worry about.
My biggest problelm is spiking straight up and straight down after eating. Im working with ratio, duration, basal, bolus. I go low very easily. If I want to vacuum, I go low. Clean the kitchen, I go low. Dust the livingroom, I go low. I swing very easily. The dibetic profecionals don’t seem to really know what to do, They say I’m doing everything right. Just have to stay the course. It is frustrating!
Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. And thank you again for the reply.